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October 27, 2009 BOE Meeting by Mind Map: October 27, 2009 BOE Meeting
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October 27, 2009 BOE Meeting

Overview (KS)

Opened with rememberace of student and staff.

Review of Strategic Plan


Leasing Corp. Review

Finances (review of Grants)

Future meetings

LeadershipTheories Displayed (MD)

Great Man Theory   Leaders are born and not made. Great leaders will arise when there is a great need.

Authoritative - motivates people toward a common vision. "The come with me style"

Affiliative - Creates harmony and builds emotional bonds. "The people come first style"

Democratic - Consensus through participation. "The what do you think style"

Coaching - The leader develops people for the future. "Try this style

Ethics (SG)

Opening: Protect separation of church/state; moment of recognition for fallen student

Character Education

No Public Comments


Future Meetings

Leadership Theories

Key Work of School Boards (JM)








Conitnuous Improvement