What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

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2. What I thought before

2.1. Technology is

2.1.1. (OpenCips, 2014) Camera

2.1.2. (Minduka, 2009) Computers

2.1.3. (Nemo, 2014) Cell Phones

2.1.4. (Vickyanddiana, 2015) Tablet

3. References

4. What I think now

4.1. "Hard to understand this pervasive thing that we call technology." (Sacasas, 2014)

4.1.1. New Definition (What I learned from course material) Technology itself is subjective and difficult to agree on a concrete definition together (Friedel, 2002, p. 845) John Dyer (2009) states, ‘… “technology” is not just the phones in our pockets and the laptops in our bags Kevin Kelly’s (2010), TED talk: “Technology is anything useful invented by a mind.” This includes but is not limited to “an activity that involves the making of things” (Anonymous, 2000) "Technology represents the combination of human understanding of natural laws and phenomena accumulated since ancient times to make things that fulfil our needs and desires or that perform certain functions (Karatsu, 1990). In other words, technology has to create things that benefit human beings." (Li-Hua, 2007) Technology is Things Processes Creations Harnessed

4.2. What has changed

4.2.1. Not just Also a process More than Kays says things that were invented after I was born (Greenlish, 2013)

4.3. Conclusion

4.3.1. Technology is hard to define simply because the way individuals give meaning to technology varies considerably. We cannot just look at technology as a 'thing' because it is has intense power over people and changes lives on a daily basis. Technology is an experience which, once we come into contact with it (which we all do), can mean very opposite things. "Technology includes more than machines, processes and inventions." (Li-Hua, 2007)

5. My Creative Aspect

5.1. What I did

5.1.1. Created a mindmap https://www.mindmeister.com What is a Mindmap

5.2. Why this is creative

5.2.1. Never created a complex one before

5.2.2. Took a risk to it all online with no text