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Explorers League by Mind Map: Explorers League
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Explorers League

Group Roles

expedition leader

security personel


pilot / driver

diplomat / first contact specialist

explorer / mountaineer

medical personel

mechanics / maintenance staff

Character Ideas

tech guy

survival expert


jack of all trades


no FTL, starship jump between star systems with jumpdrives (wormhole generators?)

jumpdrives can only be engaged far from a gravity source, must travel to exit point away from local sun with sub-light drives

human technology is semi-hard scifi (reasonably plausable, no outlandish stuff)

no contact with any living alien species, a few ancient ruins and some technology have been found, very few people knows about it


survey planets for colonisation and mining possibilities

search for valuable resources and make evaluations for mining projects

inofficial mission: find alien tech we can reverse engineer and take patents for


encounters with dangerous flora and fauna

ancient ruins and abandoned technology

harsh environmental conditions: thunderstorms, hail, flood, mudslides, earthquakes, vulcanoes, tsunami, sinkholes, quicksand, sandstorms