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Matter by Mind Map: Matter

1. Transformations in the material world: energy

1.1. Interaction

1.1.1. 2 acts between us

1.2. Physical Agents

1.2.1. Changes in currents

1.2.2. Produce transformations in matter Open Closed Isolated

2. Transformations in matter

2.1. Changes in position

2.2. Increase or decrease in temperature

2.3. Deformation or change in shape

2.4. Change in volume

3. Energy

3.1. Capacity of matter to transfer heat or do work.

3.2. Changes in Energy

3.2.1. Potential Energy Hight

3.2.2. Kinetic Energy Movement

3.3. Forms of energy

3.3.1. Nuclear Mechanical Chemical

3.4. Conservation

3.4.1. Can be transformed from one to another, but cannotdestroyed the energy is constant

3.5. Non-renewable energy sources

3.5.1. Resources foundin nature, thay can run out in time

3.5.2. Fossil Fuels: Are formed from the remains of plants and tiny marine creatures that lived millions of years ago.These fuels always produces carbon dioxide gas, greenhouse effect is increasing and causing a gradual rise in the temperatures of the planet.

3.5.3. Nuclear Energy: transform energy into electricalor thermal energy.Radioactive substances are dangerous, causes by-products.

3.6. Renewable energy sources

3.6.1. Comes from inexhaustible natural resources

3.6.2. Hydroelectric: Potential energy, produce electricity Geothermal energy: Generate electricity Solar energy: Rays of the sun