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Andrew by Mind Map: Andrew

1. Humanistic Perspective: Acceptance

1.1. Conditional Positive Regard - love, affection, and respect that is giving when a person does something that people want the, to do to meet peoples standards.

1.1.1. Conditionals Positive Regard. Andrew's parents only give him love when he meets his parents wants. They only love him when he does well in wrestling. He dislikes this about his parents.If his parents only give him love and respect when he does what they want. The other side of positive regard would be giving love and affection no matter what Andrew does.

2. Circadian Rhythm

2.1. Definition: physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle, responding primarily to light and darkness in an organism's environment.

2.1.1. In the movie, Andrew was tired only a few hours into the detention. He and the other students in detention took naps even though the teacher made it clear that he did not want them to sleep. Andrew being tired at this time shows that he is usually groggy at this point in the day and the lack of outside light is making him more tired.

3. Parenting Style: Authoritarian

3.1. Definition: Relationship is about control, differing perspectives not allowed, communication flows one way.

3.1.1. Andrew said that, "Andrew you've got to be number one! I won't tolerate any losers in this family" This shows that his father is the controlling figure in his life and that he has no say in what he wont's for himself

4. Defense Mechanism: Displacement

4.1. Definition: Expressing feeling that would be threatening if directed at the real target onto a less threatening subsitiute targe

4.1.1. Andrew has a strong hatred for his parents which can be seen as threatening in certain situations. He takes that anger and puts it into his wrestling which is a less threatening target than his parents.

5. Psychoanalytic Perspective: Id

5.1. Definition: Most primitive pleasure seeking and impulsive personality structures.

5.1.1. Andrew says: "I jumped up on top of him and started wailing on him... and my friends, just laughed and cheered me on." While he was beating on the kid, he says his friends were cheering him on which gave a him a sense of pleasure and it urged him to keep beating on the kid.

6. External Locus Of Control

6.1. Definition: When a person bases all of their choices on an outside factor

6.1.1. In the movie, Andrew does everything that his parents tell him to do and does not make enough free choices. Andrew bases everything that he does based on what his parents want him to do. He does not make enough free choices in his life. He uses a completely external locus of control because his parents decide for him.

7. Operant Conditioning (Negative Punishment):

7.1. Definition: Subtracting a stimulus after a behavior to decrease behavior

7.1.1. Andrew was in detention, which is a form of negative punishment The negative is the taking away Andrew's Saturday to decrease the behavior of bullying

8. Aggression

8.1. Aggression - Any physical or verbal intended to hurt or destroy, whether done reactively out of hostility or proactively as a calculated means

8.1.1. In many situations with Bender and Andrew fight over the insults that they use against each other. Andrew uses his aggression as retaliation against Bender's aggression. In the movie we see that Andrew is a passive aggressive person because he would rather no fight if he doesn't want to. He uses his aggression as a retaliation against Bender's aggression. He more aggressive because he is a man and that his environment is making him defend him self using aggression.