Airport retail

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Airport retail by Mind Map: Airport retail

1. cameras / floor movement

1.1. Based on airport traffic and predictive models can you plan staffing of shops? -> operations efficiency

2. FLight information

2.1. How does flights delay affect airport spendings?

2.2. Which country of origin flights spend most time in the outlets? Where do they spend most money? -> what to promote to them?

3. Loyalty program / app

3.1. Marketing segmentation

3.2. Cohort analysis

4. Point of Sales

4.1. Basket Analysis - in Store upsells

4.2. Do People who buy in Shop A buy in Shop B? #prediction -> Marketing push

4.3. Next best offer -> 1on1 marketing

5. Weather

5.1. How does weather influence floor movement?

6. External - National Tourism bureau data