How to Drive Traffic to Your Website The Basics Created by

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website The Basics Created by by Mind Map: How to Drive Traffic to Your Website The Basics  Created by

1. search engine optimization (SEO)

1.1. write industry related articles

1.1.1. use high traffic key phrases in headlines and content link your site at the bottom of every article article distribution to directories

2. keyword research

2.1. industry high traffic, low competition keyword


2.1.2. find competition by searching the key phrase in google search with quote (ie "how to build a website") UNDER the search bar will show how many competing sites their are for that phrase

3. analytics

3.1. Crazy egg (

3.2. Google Analytics

3.3. bigMETHOD analytics

4. social media marketing

4.1. video marketing

4.1.1. create testimonial videos video distribution

4.2. facebook page

4.2.1. facebook page creation (FBML) consistent content creation ongoing engagement with fans

4.3. twitter page

4.3.1. twitter creation custom background creation tweet research

4.4. LinkedIn

4.4.1. Company profile page

4.4.2. Answer questions related to your industry in LinkedIn Answers section

4.5. Blog

4.5.1. create internal company blog use high traffic key phrases in blog post headline and body

4.5.2. create RSS

4.6. hire a social strategist to do it for you


5. current user base marketing

5.1. set up email marketing

5.1.1. create auto responder series

5.2. integrate email sign up box on your website homepage

5.3. create an incentive for people to give their email

5.4. show your shoppers products that they are highly likely to purchase


6. create partnerships

6.1. research high traffic partners

6.1.1. see if they accept advertising

6.2. set up affiliate marketing program


7. research competitors

7.1. what are the core differentiators of your store vs your competitors?

7.2. what features do they offer?

8. eCommerce site development

8.1. Create a Shopify ecommerce store

8.1.1. integrate shopify store into Facebook Fan/Like Page

8.2. Place your Facebook "like" button on your website

8.3. Hire a web company to do it for you


9. create a strategy

9.1. Use a mind map