Developing Risk-taking Skills in Our Students

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Developing Risk-taking Skills in Our Students by Mind Map: Developing Risk-taking Skills in Our Students

1. Goal-Directed Tasks

1.1. give "points" as in a game

1.2. problem solving through collaboration

1.2.1. ex. puzzles

1.3. discovering a theory or pattern

1.3.1. inquiry-based math or science lessons

1.4. inventing a creative product

2. Classroom Environment

2.1. allow trial and error

2.2. practice makes perfect

2.3. don't discourage failure

2.4. emphasis on technology integration

3. Teaching Strategies

3.1. praise students in heroic terms

3.2. allow some games

3.3. teach and treat as masters or experts of content

3.4. overlook multitasking

3.5. learning can be done informally

3.6. meaningful, intellectually stimulating work/assignments

4. Student Expectations

4.1. willing to accept reasonable risks

4.2. engage in discussions

4.3. modify and adjust

4.4. defend ideas even when seen as unconventional