Language learning in a digital information ecology

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Language learning in a digital information ecology by Mind Map: Language learning in a digital information ecology

1. Digital Information Ecology

1.1. Learning Artifacts

2. Digital Learning

2.1. Technology driven

2.2. Attribute based

2.3. Affordances based

3. Language Learning Ecology

3.1. Participants

3.1.1. Student Affect Motivation Attitude Perserverence Personality Extroversion Skills / Ability Previous experience Learning Hacks Attention Memorisation Goals Personal Pedagogical

3.1.2. Teacher Pre-service training In-service training Skills & Tools Gaps in pedagogy / technology?

3.1.3. School (other Teachers) Attitude Understanding Skills & Tools

3.1.4. Community In school Out of school

3.1.5. Family Encourage Impede Parents Involvement Expectations Educational background Socio-Economic Status Siblings Extended Family

3.2. Environment

3.2.1. Affordances Authentic Material Synchronous Accessible participation Socialisation Feedback Coherence Local Global

3.2.2. Mediated? Common Ground Theory

3.2.3. Formality Curriculum / Assessment Informal Formal

3.3. Philosophy

3.3.1. Socio-cultural

3.3.2. Pedagogical Taxonomy Tool Language tools Task Design

3.3.3. Identity

3.4. Language

3.4.1. Native / mother tongue

3.4.2. Second Language

3.4.3. Heritage Language

3.4.4. Bilingual

4. Questions

5. Ecological Linguistics

5.1. Context Situated

5.1.1. Context Microsystem Social Interaction Mesosystem Multiple interrelated microsystems Exosystem Resource availability in various settings Macrosystem Sense of identity and of language learning

5.2. Relational

5.2.1. Learner /Environment negotiation

5.3. Functional

5.3.1. Interaction and socialisation Community of Practise (COP) Individual Network of Practise (INoP)

6. Learning Ecology

7. People

7.1. Van Lier

7.2. Cummins

7.3. Turbill

7.4. Krashnan

7.5. Bronfenbrenner

7.6. Hoff

7.7. Chomsky

7.8. Bornstein

7.9. Patterson