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BC Software by Mind Map: BC Software

1. Oh+'s software

1.1. Problems

2. Features

2.1. Mobile

2.1.1. CDR

2.1.2. Location

2.2. CDR Calculation

2.2.1. Unlimitted

2.2.2. Times

2.2.3. Rate/Unlimitted Period

2.2.4. Rate

2.3. Report

2.3.1. In/out group

2.3.2. Department Spending

2.3.3. Person Spending

2.3.4. Per Number Spending

2.3.5. Under utilized

2.3.6. Mobile/Long Distance ratio

2.3.7. Spending Caculation per number ( look like billing from carier) Customer can compare with carrier

2.4. Input Mapping

2.4.1. CDR Template from Cariers TRUE AIS DTAC

2.4.2. CDR from Mobile

2.4.3. CDR from OCR

2.4.4. CDR PABX

2.5. OCR

2.6. Multi-companies

2.7. Inventory

2.7.1. Name

2.7.2. Department

2.7.3. Number

2.7.4. Location or Branch

2.7.5. Type E1 Fixed Line

2.7.6. PABX Configuration Location

2.7.7. Ext

2.8. Contract

2.8.1. File

2.9. Network Utilization

2.9.1. Location

2.9.2. Bandwidth Consumption

2.9.3. Get more info from Pe Pipat

2.10. Electricity Measurement

2.11. Rate

2.11.1. Rental Fee

2.11.2. Rate Period

2.11.3. Internal Call

2.11.4. Long Distance

2.11.5. Package Unlimited period Rate in period Rate out of period

2.12. Ordering

3. To do list

3.1. Moo: Research from TEMIA.org

3.2. Moo: Pe Korn to research features from Gartner Magic Qudrant

3.3. Moo+Gob: one session to brainstorm session to collect all problems/issues found in the project, starting from OCR to Billing Client

3.4. Tum: Discuss with Pe Pipat for software integration

3.5. Tum: Discuss with Pe Bobby for electricity measuement integration

3.6. Moo: Get Model of Aeon's PABX. Likely to have 5 models only

3.7. Moo: Send Tum inventory of Aeon. Name, Ext, Location

3.8. Moo: Send Tum Aeon's contract with Carrier

3.9. Moo: Send Current Rate to Tum

3.10. Korn: Name our software

3.11. Moo: Work with Pe Korn and Head to design reports. And send design to Tum. Must finish within mid Jun

3.12. Moo: Tell everyone that when having idea or improvement, must Line Tum

3.13. Pae: FInd NEC PABX to test. Pae to find NEC box to test

3.14. Tum: Form team within Mid Jun

3.15. Korn: Sell MDM to Wuthisak

3.16. Tum: Ask Pe Pipad if his software can monitor PABX hardware

4. Goal

4.1. Use Software for Aeon within Sep 15

4.2. MDM for Wuthisak

5. TImeline

5.1. Requirement finished within Mid Jun

5.2. Form team with mid Jun

5.3. Go-live Sep

6. Budget