the very true self of my father

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1. Social Life

1.1. Friends

1.1.1. Edwin: Sound Engineer/ Music Enthusiast Common Interest ? Seeks Edwin or VICE VERSA whenever there's a change to be made in the improvement of His Hi - Fi System Character? Great Listener Great Patience Extremely helpful Humble

1.2. Family

2. Religion

2.1. Christianity

2.1.1. Faithful? Half-baked

3. Career

3.1. Policeman

3.1.1. WHY? No pursuable interest Safe job and stable income

3.1.2. GOOD AT IT? No WHY?

4. Hobbies

4.1. Listening to Music

4.1.1. Hears beauty in tunes and emotions of music Past-time favourite Slowly losing desire

4.2. Playing Badminton

4.2.1. Enjoys beauty and excitement of the physical game Slowy losing desire

4.3. Watching Movies

4.3.1. Thrillers/Action Likes entertainment it brings Also a favourite past-time to experience with my mother