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1. Control System Design

1.1. Obtain the configuration, specification, and identification of the key parameters of a proposed system to meet the actual need.

1.2. Designing a controller – e.g. PID controller  Simulation or experimental test – e.g. MATLAB/Simulink, laboratory tests.

2. Control Systems

2.1. an arrangement of physical components connected or related in such a manner as to command, direct, or regulate itself or another system.

2.2. Each control system has input and output.

2.3. a relatively new field in engineering.

3. Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Control

3.1. An open-loop control system utilises an actuating device to control the process directly, independent of the output.

3.2. A closed-loop control system is one in which the control action is somehow dependent on the output.

3.3. Controller, plant.

4. Example of Control System Design

4.1. An innovation for a standard intermittent windshield wiper is the concept of a smart wiper that automatically adjusts its wiping cycle according to the intensity of rain. Sketch a block diagram of the wiper control system, identifying the function of each block, input variable, output variable and measured variable.

5. Applications

5.1. Cars, trains, ships, aircrafts, spacecrafts.

5.2. generation of energy, transmission of energy,

5.3. industrial processes, power systems, instrumentation, , consumer electronics, economy, biology, medicine

5.4. Examples: Aircraft autopilot, Magnetic levitation transport.