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Trainers by Mind Map: Trainers

1. When were the first trainers made?

1.1. How long did it take to make the trainers?

1.2. What was the first brand name for trainers?

1.3. What materials do we have now that people didn't have in the past?

1.4. When did all the different brand names start coming out?

2. What was the selling of trainers like?

2.1. Did people get a lot of money for selling the trainers?

2.1.1. How much has the selling number of trainers grew from the first time they were made and now?

2.2. What trainers were the most succesfull?

2.3. Was women aloud to wear trainers when they were first made?

3. What was first laced or straped?

3.1. What was more popular?

3.2. What were the laced trainers made out of?

3.3. What are the laced trainers made out of?

3.4. What were the straped trainers made out of?

3.5. What are the straped trainers made out of?

3.6. How did and do people put the starps and laces on the trainers?

4. How are trainers made?

4.1. What materials are used to make trainers?

4.2. Is it expensive to make?

5. Who made the first trainers?

5.1. What year were the trainers made?

5.2. Where was the person born who made it?

5.3. How much people made it?

5.4. How did they help to make it if people did help?

6. When were studded trainers made?

6.1. Who made studded trainers?

6.2. How much was it to make them?

6.3. What were they made out of?

7. How are trainers going to be changed in the future?