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Phones by Mind Map: Phones

1. Who made the phones?

1.1. men, women, machines?

1.2. what made them think of that idea?

1.3. Was there more than one

2. How was the first phone made?

2.1. was it just pepole or was it machines aswell?

2.2. what kind of materials did they use?

3. What make was the first phone?

3.1. Or did it even have a make?

3.1.1. why did they even need different makes, why couldn't there just be one company that made all phones?

3.2. where they the only people to make phones or was there a few companys making them?

4. When was the first phone made?

4.1. how many years ago was it?

4.2. why was it made?

4.3. why did they even decide to make it?

5. How will phones change in the future?

5.1. will they change alot?

5.2. why do phones keep on changing alot?

5.3. who much will it be?

5.4. how much will it cost to make?

5.5. will it be really big ir really tiny?