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T-PACK by Mind Map: T-PACK

1. • T-PACK (Technological Pedagogical Knowledge)

1.1. The TPACK is

1.1.1. A model that is offered to teachers, a mental structure for thinking about the different areas of knowledge related to an effective teaching and the interaction of knowledge and skills necessary for the effective integration of technology. It is composed by three kinds of knowledge (technology, pedagogy and content) and their interactions: TCK (Technological Content knowledge), TPK (Technological Pedagogical Knowledge) and PCK (Pedagogical Content Knowledge).

2. • TPK (Technological Pedagogical Knowledge)

2.1. It is

2.1.1. The knowledge of how to teach well with new tools and technological resources

3. • CK (Content Knowledge)

3.1. The Knowledge of

3.1.1. What it is teaching. In other words Content knowledge alludes to the theories, concepts or ideas of mathematics, art, science… that would be taught in class.

4. • TCK (Technological Content Knowledge)

4.1. Definition

4.1.1. How teachers choose tool and technological resources that will help students to learn contends curricular programs. Furthermore, they have to know what technologies are more useful to present the content.

5. • PCK (Pedagogical Content Knowledge)

5.1. Teachers have to know

5.1.1. What to teach and how to teach it. It includes the essential interests of teaching, learning, curriculum, assessment and reporting, and also the relationship between curriculum, assessment and pedagogy.

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