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The 4 Ennobling Tasks (that are Known/Realized Truths/Realities for the Noble Ones) by Mind Map: The 4 Ennobling Tasks (that are Known/Realized Truths/Realities for the Noble Ones)
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The 4 Ennobling Tasks (that are Known/Realized Truths/Realities for the Noble Ones)

supramundane right liberation

supramundane right knowledge/understanding

Sabbapāpassa akaraṇaṃ, kusalassa upasampadā; Sacitta­pari­yo­dapa­naṃ, etaṃ buddhāna sāsanaṃ (DHP#183) Refraining from all evil actions Committing to wholesome intentions Purifying the mind ...This is the message of the Buddha(s)

The Central Goal: Liberation from Dukkha (the ultimate/supreme freedom/peace/happiness/bliss to be had in this very life). One Taste - Freedom.

8-Fold Noble Path

Right/Skillful/Wise/Wholesome/Attuned/Complete/Perfect = leading to liberation (freedom from dukkha) Wrong/Unskillful/Foolish/Unwholesome/Disruptive/Disturbing/Flawed = leading to more dukkha "Thus, bhikkhus, the path of the disciple in higher training possesses eight factors, the arahant possesses ten factors."

1. Truth of Dukkha (As A Task: what is to be known/understood completely) dukkha sacca

all *conditioned/conditional* phenomena are dukkha

2. Truth of the Origin of Dukkha (As A Task: what is to be abandoned) samudaya sacca

desiring/craving/thirsting for and clinging/grasping/attachment to what is pleasurable (desires, thirsting and feeding), and aversion to what is not, , results in dukkha an even deeper level identifying with and clinging to the 5 khandas (ignorance) ...self-grasping mind

3. Truth of the Cessation of Dukkha (As A Task: what is to be witnessed/realized/attained) nirodha sacca

that putting an end to this craving/thirsting, also means the cessation of dukkha (dependent arising - when this is not, that is not)

transcendent dependent origination? (12 links of liberation)

etymology: nir = without/non udaya = arising non-arising (opposite of samudaya = simulataneous arising, co-arising)

4. Truth of the Path to Liberation/Freedom (As A Task: to cultivate/train/develop) magga sacca

The Path

The Central Question/Problem: Dukkha (subtle underlying discontentment, difficulty, stress, unsatisfactoriness, flawedness, suffering, uneasiness, ennui, anguish, dissatisfaction, birth-disease-oldage-death, 5-grasping-aggregates, a burden, that which is difficult to bear)







The Gradual Training (anupubbi-katha)

Dāna (generosity)

Sīla (virtue)

Sagga (benefits (heavens))

Adinava (drawbacks)

Nekhamma (renunciation)

ONLY when the mind is made pure/bright by these practices THEN one should take up the Four Ennobling Tasks

compare gradual training to 10-fold path, 3-fold training, and 4 noble truths

hearing the teaching

gaining faith

going forth

rules of discipline

purifying livelihood


sense restraint

moderate eating


clear comprehension


establishing mindfulness

abandoning hindrances

four jhānas

knowledge & vision

mind-made body

psychic powers

divine ear

reading minds

past lives

divine eye

noble truths