PHY 112 Lauren Griffin

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PHY 112 Lauren Griffin by Mind Map: PHY 112 Lauren Griffin

1. Outline

1.1. Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Matter

1.1.1. We exchanged some emails with classmates about electricity, and what it means to us.

1.2. Fields and Forces

1.2.1. Pencast about forces and fields was very informational . Newtons universal law of gravitation and Columbs Law equations were given to us and we had to calculate the force of gravity and the electrical force.

1.2.2. Magnetism pencast

1.3. DC and AC Circuits

1.3.1. Completed the simulation for the circuit and bulbs and wires. Interesting and I learned a lot about circuits.

1.4. Electromagnetism

1.4.1. There was a pencast posted about electromagnetism that was very cool!

1.4.2. Today I visited a website and reviewed my knowledge on EM. 7-6-10

1.4.3. Elements as atoms, the periodic table and isotopes and radiology were researched and learned about today 7-8-10

1.5. Elements of Modern Physics

2. Competencies

2.1. Effectively communicate qualitative and quantitative information orally and in writing.

2.1.1. working and communicating with all of my group members has been a challenge but it's something that needs to be done! I feel like all the people i have worked with have done a great job!

2.2. Explain the application of fundamental physical principles to various physical phenomena.

2.3. Apply appropriate problem-solving techniques to practical and meaningful problems using graphical, mathematical, and written modeling tools.

2.4. Work effectively in collaborative groups.

2.4.1. Emailed and got in contact with my group members for project one, communicated through text and email and google doc about who is in charge of what. The project started off on a good foot because we communicated well and stayed in touch the whole time