EndNote for NZLSG

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EndNote for NZLSG by Mind Map: EndNote for NZLSG

1. about NZLSG

2. EndNote support

2.1. Just ask - at the Law Library

2.2. generic EndNote classes

2.3. NZLSG sample document

2.4. University of Queensland's really helpful EndNote notes

3. Working with Word

3.1. Footnotes

3.2. Thesis information

4. Getting started

4.1. Need to know (before you enter any data)

4.1.1. get EndNote

4.1.2. download the NZLSG Otago EndNote style help with downloading

4.1.3. import the NZLSG Otago reftype table

4.1.4. import the sample library

4.2. Nice to know

4.2.1. groups and notes

4.2.2. create labels

4.2.3. importing LegalTrac HeinOnline Summon