PHY 112 Summer 2010 Ryan Brown

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PHY 112 Summer 2010 Ryan Brown by Mind Map: PHY 112 Summer 2010 Ryan Brown

1. I had my video interview with David in which we discussed the circuit and how the semiconductors and battery cells function inside of that circuit.

2. I collaborated with two other people in my class on project one in which we presented our coil guns together and divided up the aspects of the project in order to have one team project.

3. Competencies

3.1. Effectively communicate qualitative and quantitative information orally and in writing.

3.2. Explain the application of fundamental physical principles to various physical phenomena.

3.3. Apply appropriate problem-solving techniques to practical and meaningful problems using graphical, mathematical, and written modeling tools.

3.4. Work effectively in collaborative groups.

4. I worked on project two with two other partners. We built the telescope out of two magnifying glasses and cardboard paper. We work together to explain the different facets of the project.

5. I spent another hour or so reading on the physics 2000 website about the periodic table of elements, isotopes, and other related atomic information. I learned about the energy levels and that to electrons cannot coexist if they're spinning the same direction in the same orbit. Also the explanation of why alkaline metals and halogens are so unstable, which is due to the fact that they they either want to get an electron or give an electron.

6. I learned the difference between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. nuclear fusion as well to light elements are fused together, and by doing so, they emit energy. Nuclear fission as when a large element is broken apart which causes it to and it energy.

7. Nuclear radiation has to do with the breakdown inside of the nucleus of an element. Either an alpha, beta,or spontaneous fission type of decay occurs when the nucleus is disturbed. These decays emit an electromagnetic impulse called gamma rays. These arrays are so powerful that they can pretty much penetrate anything. This penetration can cause cell death or mutation which usually results in cancer. And that is why nuclear radiation is so harmful.

8. I built a coil gun out of a disposable camera and was able to shoot a Copper BB out of it. This was significant because copper is not magnetic however using a magnetic field from the coil gun the BB was still propelled.

9. Outline

9.1. Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Matter

9.2. Fields and Forces

9.3. DC and AC Circuits

9.4. Electromagnetism

9.5. Elements of Modern Physics

10. I went to the physics 2000 website and read about quantum mechanics and the relation of the electron to the atom and how it orbits the nucleus. The website went into depth explaining how photons release light when they drop from a higher orbital to lower, and that they must absorb the same amount of energy to go from a lower to higher orbital. In the end light acts as a wavelength and a particle.