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National Standards Self Review by Mind Map: National Standards Self
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National Standards Self Review

What are our Students Strengths and Learning Needs?

What do our students know and what do they need to learn and do? (BASIC achieved moving into DEVELOPING)

2 School-wide achievement targets are set annually. 1 is for the whole school and 1 for a targeted group.

We have a negotiated assessment map that includes formative and summative assessments. All children are assessed.

Next Steps: Inform students of their targets and set differentiated targets for groups and individuals in each class.

How do we know? What sources of evidence have we used? (BASIC achieved moving into DEVELOPING)

Assessments are collated and provided to the Principal for analysis and BoT reporting.

Teachers have participated in moderation activities.

Our assessment map details a range of assessments including norm referenced tools e.g. STAR, Diagnostic Survey, AsTTLe

Next Steps: Involve children in making judgements about their achievement. Seniors use AsTTLe regularly.

What levels of analysis do we need? (BASIC achieved moving into DEVELOPING)

In 2010 all teachers identified individual students strengths and needs in preparation for the ERO visit.

Schoolwide trends and patterns are identified in the Principals reports to the BoT.

Teachers identify in collegial discussions what their identified "hotspots" are int he curriculum e.g. place value for maths

Next Steps: Show trends and patterns in each class. Teacher analysis of progress each term.

What are our Professional Strengths and Learning Needs?

How have we contributed to a range of outcomes for all students? (BASIC achieved, moving into DEVELOPING)

We plan collaboratively.

We have use assessment moderation to ensure consistency of judgements.

We have co-constructed some expectations e.g Effective Learning & Teaching

We have interrogated data as a team although not on a regular basis.

Next Steps: Regular reflective discussions regarding student achievement in relation to the standards and how the curriculum is being developed and designed so that ALL students learning is progressed.

We have use assessment moderation to ensure consistency of judgements.

How do we use evidence in relation to the standards to help us identify our professional learning priorities? (Not yet fully at BASIC)

We have collaboratively identified maths as an area for professional development and are engaging in PD with Charlotte Wilkinson together.

We have not critically discussed and examined the standards to identify what our potential professional learning needs are.

Next Steps: Critically examine the National Standards, student achievement and progress to determine where learning needs are.