Web 2.0 tools

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Web 2.0 tools by Mind Map: Web 2.0 tools

1. Communication Tools

1.1. Wikispaces Campus

1.1.1. This can be used by administrators/teachers to develop student portfolios, professional development, PBL, student assignments, curriculum planning and distance learning.

1.2. Survey Monkey

1.2.1. An online survey software. Create your own survey, sent out online, receive the responses automatically. Also has tools to help analyze the data. Administrators can use this to find out what their staff think about certain topics.

1.3. Schooltube

1.3.1. This has been created specifically for educators and students to share videos. Can be used to share information by students and educators.

1.4. Twitter

1.4.1. This can be extremely helpful for administrators and educators to stay connected with each others of the same interests. Ideas/resources are shared and chats are held that you can join if they interest you.

2. Techonology Tools

2.1. GoodleDocs

2.1.1. This is a great tool for administrators, educators and students. Can be accessed from different devices, which is great for students switching from classes. Also useful for teachers and administrators to type and share information on.

2.2. Dropbox

2.2.1. Allow users to store files and then can be accessed from any device. Great for educators and administrators who have several different devices they work from.

2.3. Google Forms

2.3.1. Can be used to send and gather information. Such as a quiz, send information to parents or staff.

2.4. Wordpress

2.4.1. Can be used by administrators, educators and students to create district, educators or class blogs. Used to communicate information in any of the settings.

3. Collaboration Tools

3.1. EDU Glogster

3.1.1. Allows for different kinds of media to be mixed into one virtual canvas. Have access to what other educators and students have posted. This can be a useful resource for administrators to post and get resources from.

3.2. Voicethread

3.2.1. Used by administrators, educators and students to upload media(50 different types can be used) as a form of collaboration. Communication can be done by leaving comments on what has been posted. Can be used to share information with staff and fellow educators.

3.3. NOTA inc.

3.3.1. Has an app that can be used on iPads-Davinci note. Can be used to send picture messages to each other. Can be used for discussions. Teachers can use this in the classroom with their students. Students can have their own discussions about what they are learning.

3.4. RCampus

3.4.1. Can be used by administrators, educators and students. This is used for learning and course management. Has eportfolios, websites that can be used and are specific to teachers and students. Also has tutor connections for students.

4. Creativity and Innovation Tools

4.1. Rubistar

4.1.1. Can be used by administrators/educators to design rubrics for every subject and specific to the assignment/project at hand.

4.2. Create a graph

4.2.1. Can be used by administrators, educators and students to make visual graphs for the specific data they have. Anywhere from yearly reading scores, class attendance to student math graphs.

4.3. Prezi

4.3.1. A cloud-based software and storytelling tool, presentation on virtual canvas. Allows for ideas to be emphasized using zoom.

4.4. Storehouse

4.4.1. This is an iPad app that can be used to share stories and messages. Images can be uploaded from several different devices.