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Cannabis by Mind Map: Cannabis

1. Type

1.1. User Hallucinates

1.1.1. stimulates user

1.2. Psychoactive Drug

2. Legal Statues

2.1. Cannabis Is illegal

2.1.1. Illigal in Canada and Most Parts of America

2.2. Consequences

2.2.1. Job Possession Can Lose Your Job

2.2.2. Possession or Trafficking Life in Prison for Trafficking Drugs Jail Time for Possession 6-18 months

3. Long Term Effects

3.1. Signs Of Bipolar

3.2. User Has A Chance Of Developing Learning Disabilities

3.3. Chance Of Cancer Increases

4. What's the word on the street?

4.1. Grass

4.1.1. marijuana

4.1.2. Weed

4.1.3. joint Pot

5. Short Term Effects

5.1. Negative

5.1.1. increased Heart Rate Uncoordinated Anxiety

5.2. Positive

5.2.1. Painkillers stimulator Hallucingen