academic integrity paper

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academic integrity paper by Mind Map: academic integrity paper

1. method

1.1. focus groups

1.1.1. voting system

2. conclusions

2.1. american sentiment put aside, AI is an acceptable model for staff and students

3. why was this research needed?

3.1. plagiarism is a problem

3.1.1. acknowledged rise in cases

3.1.2. evidence of electronic detection providing a mechanistic approach

3.1.3. threat to standards and qualit

3.2. academic integrity been shown to reduce plagiarism incidences

3.2.1. McCabe work

3.2.2. Dan Airely (is there a paper reference for this?) work on ten commandments/ honor code leads to lower rates of cheating

3.2.3. Peter Forster work from French system (presented at 4th IPC 2010)

3.3. little evidence of honor code system being implemented in UK

3.3.1. check Australian work in IJEI

3.3.2. Clark & Aiello, 2007 - rejection of ethos/ american sentiment

4. results

4.1. qualitative

4.2. quantitative

4.2.1. real vs idea where there is convergence between real and ideal scenarios, this indicates that this principle could be accepted and work in the UK quotes: student judiciary quotes: promotion of shared values quotes: honor pledge

4.2.2. staff vs students differences between staff and students - are these important or do they follow the same general trend as each other? quotes: all parties responsible quotes: peer involvement - writing code and peer instruction