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Can be assigned to an event or can assign themselves to an event

Can be a skipper (administrator)


Potentially stores large database of boat characteristics. Could be loaded from somewhere or built up by users. Probably built by cheap labour. This may form the basis of pricing, so need to consider further.

Yacht public page

App serves as the website for each boat.

Can use URL redirects from say to

According to settings, public can view published items,eg results, events, crew etc

Visitors to boat homepages should be able to follow boat on twitter or facebook, rather than our actual site.

Automatically bring back results from races for that boat.

Heavily based around photos which should attract more visitors

Provides an entree to crew to become part of the boat. Displays interesting characteristics of the boat.

Page should have Facebook Like & Twitter Tweet on it to increase distribution / traffic.

News. Boats and events will often appear in the news. We should provide a link to that.

Provides link to home yacht club.

Status updates (potentially) scrolling. See as a good example.



Dimensions, LOA, LWL, Beam (max), Displacement, Ballast, Draft Standard, Draft Minimum, Water Tank, Fuel Tank

Sailplan, Inventory

Details, Builder, Country, Designer, Hull Type, Rig Type, Material, Keel Type, CE Class, Production, Engine

Home yacht club, URL, Address (Google maps)

According to settings, update to yacht's page get posted to Twitter with URL. See tripit or Runmeter. The idea being more widely distributed info with links back to the site.

Regatta Management


Race Type, Pursuit, Standard

Results, Provisional, Final

Scoring, Pursuit Races, Start Time, Finish Time, Additions & Subtractions, Standard Race

Protests, Notification Engine


Data, Sail #, Skipper, Contact Details, Yacht Club, LOA, etc.


Regatta Director, Contact Info







Documents, eg NOR


Handicap Type

History. All information for an event and/or a race should be locked. That is to say if a boat changes skipper between events, then the skipper for that event should be recorded, not changed. Same goes for handicaps, contact details, etc.




Type, Social Race, Serious Race, Delivery

Crew, Min, Max



Time Required

CAT Rating, Default Crew #s

Part of a Series


Travel arrangements

Crew Attending

Print off checklist for today's race with crew attending, race start, each to-do list etc.

Download map for nav software for particular race.

Download NOR when loading event.

Be notified when supplemental notifications are posted to a subscribed event.

Be notified when results are posted and updated. Post 'status update' when results are posted.

Link to Top Yacht Software

News. Boats and events will often appear in the news. We should provide a link to that.

Skippers (administrators) should be able to create events

Skippers (administrators) should be able to add and remove crew to events

Web application


Web 2.5+!

Pre-populate wherever possible

Everything designed to reduce friction


Patterns & Techniques, Progressive Disclosure, Lazy Registration, Forgiving format in search, Clear Primary Actions, Breadcrumbs, Hover Controls, Calm Separation of Elements, Treat text as User Interface, Simple and Usable Forms, Real-Time Updates, User-Centric User Interface, Advertise features of the application, Use contrast to manage focus

Allow feedback


Blog, Integrated, Twitter

Photos, Integrated, Facebook, Flickr, When users add photos they get shared (according to settings) with facebook and flickr

Videos, Integrated, Vimeo, YouTube

Automated twitter, So when the skipper updates a status on our site it feeds out through the twitted account of the boat, Users should be able to create account through twitter

Automated facebook, Users should be able to create account / login through facebook, According to settings, update to yacht's\rpage get posted to Facebook. See tripit\ror Runmeter.

Status updates




Increase the likelihood of crew organisation through the use of social networking.

Make the life of a yacht owner easier than ever to campaign a yacht over a season

Create a database of events of yacht races to make management of a series easier

A better organized boat is more likely to be successful. The primary objective is to make strbrd boats winning boats

Sales & Marketing

Free trial for 30 days. No credit card required.

Preferably use SecurePay as payment Gateway, however Paypal might be the quickest way to deliver MVP

All registrations are populated back in to Microsoft CRM. Activity always logged in CRM.

Pricing based on length of boat in US Dollars. 31 - 40 foot $39. 41 - 50 foot $49. 51 foot - 60 foot $59. 61+ $69

Use Chargify for subscriptions and billing

Use Payment Express for merchant gateway

iPhone App

Look up crew for events

Update boat status

GPS for events like Runmeter

Sailing websites for PR

Sailing anarchy

Sail World


My Sailing

Sailing Magazine

Valencia Sailing

TP52 Class site

Sail Karma



US Sailing Boat Show


Public Website

Sign up using Twitter or Facebook by default. See as an example


Crew management

Crew organisation

Yacht management

Yacht website

Yacht homepage

Yacht organisation

Yacht organization

Yacht website templates

Yacht ownership management

Yacht social networking




iPhone Application

Take a photo of your boat, register name and email and post immediately to sign up.

See new photo sharing application with filters for example

Similar to RunMeter, if the application is on during a race, you can use it as a timing device, it can track your course using Google Maps

Add and delete crew from an event

Send reminders and reminders to crew about races

Event results are posted via push notification.