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Kanban vs. Scrum by Mind Map: Kanban vs. Scrum
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Kanban vs. Scrum


Kanban in a nutshell

Kanban limits WIP per workflow state

New items can be added in the "Todo" workflow state if its WIP allows for it

Kanban doesn't prescribe any estimation or velocity

No charts are prescribed, but Cumulative Flow diagrams are often used

In Practice


Scrum in a nutshell

3 roles: Product Owner (sets product vision & priorities), Team (implements the product) and Scrum Master (removes impediments and provides process leadership)

Scrum limits WIP per iteration

Scrum resists change within an iteration

Scrum prescribes estimation and velocity

Burndown charts

Based on the "Kanban and Scrum - making the most of both" book by Henrik Kniberg, Mattias Skarin