DHSI2015 Digital Bricolage

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DHSI2015 Digital Bricolage by Mind Map: DHSI2015 Digital Bricolage

1. Go ahead and click around.. Hit the + to open nodes. .

1.1. Text-based resources

1.1.1. An essential feature of the new digital world is the proliferation of web-based communications with the potential for collaboration and sharing. Web based tools add many new dimensions to text based tools. Zotero is a bibliographic service that has a social media component. A group bibliography has been established. Zotero groups support group conversations. A document has been uploaded to Crocodoc. It is possible to collaboratively annotate this document. Hover over the text link to see the bibliographic information about the document. Click the arrow icon to go to the document. Document <iframe src="http://personal.crocodoc.com/XxvdQzS?embedded=true" width="100%" height="600" style="border:1px solid #ddd;"></iframe>

1.2. Audio

1.2.1. Vocaroo is a versatile audio tool that allows recording and sharing of audio clips (click the link icon to hear and to record your own, no account required) or you can download the audio you record in Vocaroo for editing in Audacity. I added a backing music track in Audacity and then uploaded to Vocaroo again You can upload existing audio to Vocaroo for sharing I often use this tool to add audio comments when grading student papers.

1.3. Images

1.3.1. Steganography is when files are hidden in files. AKA digital watermarking. I used OpenPuff to hide a text file behind an image. Open this image with the OpenPuff application and use the password edsnowden Kittens with a secret

1.4. Video

1.4.1. Video Deer in the parking lot. Very shaky to start see how I applied the YouTube stabilization effect in the next slide. YouTube Stabilization effect. Screencaptured by Snaggit, processed in Camtasia.

1.5. Visualization

1.5.1. Gephi

2. Shift key to add a new node

2.1. Enter key to create a node at the same level

3. Bricolage as an essential component of digital humanities.