Yvonne's Life

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Yvonne's Life by Mind Map: Yvonne's Life

1. I will not let anyone get to me.

1.1. I will make a ridiculous mental picture and laugh very hard ... on the inside.

2. New property address & info (property in consideration)

2.1. Address: 121 Thistle Creek, Beaumont, CA 92333

2.2. Assessed Parcel Number (APN): 421 650 035 8

2.3. Association info (website) http://www.fourseasonsatbeaumont.com/sl_login.php

2.4. Map (click the long link - next window)

2.4.1. Map: http://www.google.com/search?site=&source=hp&ei=ueSAVYmKKIy7ogSMkKfoCg&q=121+thistle+creek%2C+beaumont%2C+CA+92333&oq=121+thistle+creek%2C+beaumont%2C+CA+92333&gs_l=mobile-gws-hp.3...2376.18538.0.19103.

3. Movies I want to see

4. Work

5. Maintenance

5.1. Car

5.1.1. 6/16/15 @99k miles (?) Did oil change

5.2. House

6. Shopping

6.1. Grocery list

6.2. Clothing

6.3. Gifts

6.4. Charity

6.5. Miscl.

7. Do List

7.1. Don't stop loving me baby.

7.2. Call Brad, Get the ball rolling/submit app, etc. Consider rental income ...

7.3. Get another quote on escrow and fees. Confirm with Brad if you can use your choice of escrow service or if will be dictated by lender

7.4. Under "Real Property" (Tab/File) - "Some things that need..." -"There are numerous other ...": Call each of the numbers, clarify what they are for, how long they must be paid & can they increase/decrease.

7.5. Check with escrow company ASAP who is responsible for what taxes/fees and when. This could have a signafigant financial impact.

8. Stressers

8.1. Tony

8.1.1. Ok for now I think i might keep him For now

8.2. Work

8.2.1. Who cares? I'm a short timer now Oh, I said NOW

8.3. Mom

8.3.1. What are the issues Manipulation Guilt Lies Judgemental

8.3.2. What are some options Try to make the best of it - look for a good time Other people that may be visiting Get through the time - keep the clock on it Try to avoid - keep away

9. Wants and Needs

9.1. Wants

9.1.1. Furnature

9.1.2. Car

9.2. Needs

10. Real Property

10.1. Current home

10.1.1. Sell, fix or lease option IF Sell, property is currently ready

10.1.2. Area will most likely decline

10.1.3. Will eventually need a single story? If not moving to a single story Consider installing a lift Consider installing an elevator Do nothing Seek other in home assastance How long do I have Consider property appreciation/depreciation

10.2. New Home

10.2.1. Upgrades Free stove, refrigerator, microwave, bar stools, entertainment center Granite counter tops Custom built in china cabinet Double Insulation Covered patio Wood floors Plantation shutters Surround sound stereo Custom walk in closet Crown molding

10.2.2. Criteria Location Would like close to mom, family & friends I do work within minutes of my mom's - 5 days a week, 9 hours a day. This will only continue until retirement though. After that I will be 30 minutes away considering the home I am currently interested in. Cost Design Found it xcluding fireplace

10.3. The tentitive plan

10.3.1. 1st option - secure property with 3% down loan, 4.5% interest rate, 30yr fixed rate, 5% government assist/grant (=$11k) & total out of pocket $3,500 +/-. PITI under $1,600 monthly. It is possible that an APPRAISAL above the sale price would factor in as equity. With that, it could/might be possible to deduct that difference from the down payment (44k - (minus) equity from appraisal above the $220k needed). If the appraisal were low, that could be a peoblem. Add to contingencies. BTW, If for some reason your numbers fall short, I will be renting your Jackson St property for $1,250 per month. We should mention that and we can submit a signed rental agreement. Consider costs of maintaining Jackson St property & possibly hold for (?) duration to gain added appreciation (depending on market conditions). Do not rule out renting although to go down that path you should be very selective. Considering Renting Selling

10.3.2. 2nd option (needs reconsideration) Secure new property at $220k with 44k down & new loan for the balance. Hoping for $180 balance. (Will need $ for real estate/escrow fees). Also consider loan origanition fees, etc. (Can roll into new loan?) Escrow Breakdown Escrow, Title Ins, ... need to add and separate buyer/seller fees. Consider pre-paid taxes as well as pro-rated costs/expenses

10.3.3. Gradually move and put the Jackson property up for sale, rent or lease purchase option Lease purchase option Disadvantages Advantages

10.3.4. Use the proceeds from the Jackson St sale to pay down/refinance the new home. Keep in mind, more loan fees. If we are able to successfully do the deal on the new place without a realtor, we could just as well with the Jackson St property (saving thousands). The realtor would normally list and sell as well as establish the contract. It would help if we knew a buyer. If we don't, that is mainly where we would use the realtor.

10.3.5. Projections of fundings, timelines and what to expect through this process ... Securing Beaumont property could close within 30 days once escrow is opened. Providing all ownership paperwork is clear and available, the most likely delays would relate to obtaining the down payment funds from Deferred Comp. 2nd would be funding from a mortgage loan source. NOTE: Escrow should not be opened until all options have been explored for alternative properties/prices/developments/locations. If this home is priced significantly below market values, this could nearly conclude that this is the best choice in that all aspects are nearly perfect in the criteria as desirability. The only outstanding (negative) consideration would be the annual fees and marginally higher association fees.

10.4. Some things that need consideration

10.4.1. Pre-paid and pro-rated fees such as taxes, Mello roos, association, etc.

10.4.2. There are numerous other Mello roos fees Beaumont CFD 93 -1 #7a $659.80 Phone 951-769-8515. This has been confirmed and clarified. There are 20+ developments with similar Mello roos fees in Beaumont. This is the only development in Beaumont with fees this low; to the point the clerk (Sylvia) felt a need to double check. This bond has been paid on with a much higher payment for 10 years. It was then refinanced with much better terms and at a longer duration (to 2045) resulting in a much lower payment. This is favorable from an affordable as well as a resale stand point relieve to other properties in similar developments. Beaumont Unified School $142.20 Phone 951-769-2103 San Gorgonio Pass Mem Hosp $187.95 Phone 951-769-2103 San Gorgonio Pass Wtr Ag Debt Serv $292.30 Phone 951-845-2577 Fld Cntl Stormwater/Cleanwater $2.24 Phone 800-439-6553 San Gorgonio Hospital Measure D $49.48 800-676-7516

10.4.3. Timing of sale I believe taxes/fees are due in July. There might not be any way to avoid this, however, It should be able to be negotiated. If taxes/fees are for a period past, the seller should pay (deducted from seller proceeds). If taxes are due for an upcoming period, buyer should pay. This amount could be in the area of $3000 +/- ~ This should be included in the escrow instructions.

10.4.4. Loan fees

10.4.5. Insurance

10.4.6. Be open to who picks escrow company - could be you, kim's family or even the lender? Also any other companies for related reports, etc

10.4.7. Deferred Comp accessibility in the event that deferred comp is not accessible, a loan of $220,000 would be needed. If an appraisal reflected enough equity, a down payment might not be needed, however, the PMI would still be due unless the equity were 20% or greater. I had all this written out baby, but it crashed and I lost everything. I'll rewrite it but for now the bottom line was that a 40 year loan might be favorable for you. Knowing that you will refinance this loan either way means this could be a good option. Early distribution - IRS Takes a 10% penalty AND employer must withhold taxes as ordinary income. BIG $ - NOT GOOD. Consider a conversation with Legal Shield attorney. Not buying house - buying a facility to accommodate a condition Unforseen emergency or would have never purchased 2 story. Had been attacked. Neighbors and people nearby angry, agressive and appear violent. Bring back the stress of being attacked and very afraid of a pending attack. Osteoporosis impacting ability to asend stairs. Many close calls tumbling down stairs and happening more frequently. At a crisis level now and consider this an emergency.

10.5. Escrow instructions

10.5.1. Include in instructions Payment of taxes/fees. See "Timing of Sale" under "Some things that need consideration" tab We are looking to establish 20% equity to eliminate PMI. We are hoping for an appraisal above the selling price to include the difference as equity and making up the balance needed with cash (the deferred comp)

10.5.2. Include as contingencies Appraisal - See "Tentative Plan" tab The appraisal needs to be equal to or above the selling price of the home. If the appraisal is lower, the sale price needs to be adjusted down to meet the appraised value. This is to make the loan happen and also to aquire the property at fair market. (For our reference and case - If the appraisal does come in higher, the price cannot be adjusted up due to the fact that the loan will not be approved.) All taxes and fees be current Approval of securing financing No liens or other encumbrances on property No pre-payment penalties or repayment of buyer assist funds (regarding loan pay off/refinancing

11. Fun Activities

11.1. Hi baby

11.1.1. I've been thinking about you I love you I love your smile I love holding you I love walking with you funny I love to cuddle with you in bed I love the way you dance and sing with the songs I love how sexy you are I love that you are the most beautiful girl in the world and you chose me. I love how you look in your car "BB" I love how you can be so serious I love the way you are so organized I love how considerate you are

11.2. Yucaipa park concert series

11.3. Market night

12. Yvonne stuff

12.1. Oh baby, you make me happy. Oh how I love you. You make me happy. Oh baby, I think it's magic, the way you smile, you own my heart. Oh baby, you know I'm yours, because I love you and I'm so happy.

12.1.1. What? :-) Hey babe, go over to "Fun Activities"

13. Hmmmm...

13.1. Eat a good breakfast baby - something from all the food groups

13.2. Exercise babe, at least a little

13.3. Watch some motivational and self help videos with me.

13.4. These things will naturally raise your awareness to make you more likely to see your way to being more healthy and smoking less ... hopefully to make it easier to quit. I love you baby.

14. Upcoming Issues

14.1. Vehicle replacement

14.2. Retirement

14.3. Changing Financial dynamics

14.4. Possible move to new home

14.4.1. Moving process No hurry

14.5. Deferred comp taxes - possible huge impact with as much as $45k being added to regular annual earnings (2015 - 28+%?). Some offsets could be that in the past you have received tax returns ($4 -5k between State & Federal). Also with new home financing, there is still currently an interest deduction. Figure there is a strong possibility that you may have to pay. This could also be put on the credit card if need be. Credit card possibilities would then be escrow/real estate fees & 2015 taxes.

15. Self talk

15.1. I will quit smoking right now!

15.2. I will get up early and exercise today/tomorrow

15.3. I will eat a really great nutritious breakfast today/tomorrow

15.4. I will drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, even if it means I need to leave my desk to go pee more often. I'll not have a smoke during these times ... just go pee.

15.5. I will remember that the slow car in front of me is part of some divine intervention to make sure I am where I am because it changes everything in the future ... like the Butterfly Effect. This is to effect a good chage.

15.6. I will remember that the car that just cut in front of me will be most likely to end up in an accident or cited by the police for something. This driving is reflective in much of this persons life. I will not get mad or laugh at him/her. I will consider the irony and enjoy the day.

15.7. I'll not smoke because I am the boss of me. I chose to be a strong person today.

15.8. I will laugh in the face of anger and drama ... even if my laugh is only on the inside.

15.9. I will take issues seriously, but will also make a point to find humor in all of it that I can.

16. Incorporate into Mind Map

17. Bigger initial payment - 1st, last, security deposit & down payment.

18. Bigger payment up front: 1st, last, security, down payment & property payment above basic rent purchase $)

19. Option Terms

19.1. Lease Purchase Option and how it works

20. X $ down, x $ last month (rent only/ nothing additional towards purchase), security deposit, X $ above agreed rent/ lease) for principal payment.

20.1. Principle payment is an excellent aspect for buyer in that 100% of the incremental amount above rent goes toward principal.

20.1.1. Tennant -Compare to mortgage (interest vs principal)

20.2. Clause in lease option is that if it is not exercised within the option period, all is forfeited and the contract becomes a month to month

21. ?Example? Price of house is agreed upon. Today's market value and the value it will most likely be in 1.5 years (to retirement) Say, $140k, the term is determined 1.5 years, determine down payment amount. Determine regular rent amount then establish a marginal amount over rent ...