Six Tips for Defensive Driving

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Six Tips for Defensive Driving by Mind Map: Six Tips for Defensive Driving

1. Slow down

1.1. As you increase your speed, your car becomes more difficult to control

1.2. Driving too fast with bad weather has problems

2. Follow the "3-second rule"

2.1. Always maintain three seconds away

2.2. If a precise distance is maintained with reaction time can be any shock

3. Signal you intentions early

3.1. Always use the corresponding signals

3.2. Use directional rotation for some this will help better manage the other driver

4. Pay attiention to your surroundings

4.1. Check your rearview and side mirrors frequently

4.2. Before changing lanes, always looking over my shoulder to see their "blind spots"

5. Expect unexpected

5.1. Always be prepared to stop the car in time of emergency

5.2. Plan ahead if another driver is passed red signal or stop

6. Don´t take others´ aggressive driving personally

6.1. Do not let anyone make you angry when you 're driving

6.2. When a driver is observed with bad attitude simply driving speed is low