Scott Stawarz
Harper CE Tech Instructor

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Scott Stawarz
Harper CE Tech Instructor by Mind Map: SOCIAL NET ONLINE COMMUNITIES
Scott Stawarz
Harper CE Tech Instructor

1. Introduction

1.1. Who am I?

1.1.1. Scott Stawarz

1.1.2. Harper College CE Technology Instructor

1.1.3. Principal Instructor - Octāvity

1.1.4. Microsoft Certified Trainer - 10 years

1.2. Who are you?

1.2.1. Name

1.2.2. Job Title

1.2.3. Company

1.2.4. Expectations? Why are you here?

1.2.5. What is your current Facebook or Twitter Status? What are you doing or thinking?

1.3. Tonight's Plan

1.3.1. 6:00pm - 9:15pm

1.3.2. Goals for Tonight intro social networking or social media overview the major social media

2. Social Media

2.1. What is it?

3. Sites


3.1.1. free

3.1.2. professional pay version more features

3.1.3. Online Resume

3.1.4. Get Recommendations or Make Recommendations of colleagues

3.1.5. See Business connections

3.1.6. Can update status

3.1.7. Next Actions Build your online profile and only expose what you want. Begin to make Connections Ask for Recommendations Make Recommendations


3.2.1. #hashtags keywords identify a subject

3.2.2. Look up your tags and identify the keywords you want to use. Find people to connect with.

3.2.3. @twitterhandle Example:

3.2.4. Followers can be anyone.

3.2.5. Twitter Lists are a way to follow a large group without seeing their tweets in your stream.

3.2.6. Direct Messages are private.

3.2.7. If you @reply someone, only people who follow both of you will see the message. If they don't follow both of you, they won't see it. Although, Public searches will find the tweets.

3.2.8. Great way to connect with people you don't know or have never met.

3.2.9. Use Case Connect with people at a conference. Talk about a subject in real-time. Handle Customer Service inquiries. Listen Build Relationships.

3.2.10. Next Actions: Sign up with your email address that people know you by. Search for common keywords and hashtags Begin to write tweets that you find interesting.


3.3.1. Actions Sign up Set Privacy Settings Create Profile add your email addresses Create Lists Close Friends Family Work Co-workers Clients Vendors Students Friend people, Become a Friend, and/or Like/Recommend Status Updates Upload Photos and Tag Photos Listen: Search Facebook.

3.3.2. Individuals have profiles

3.3.3. Groups are public Profile groups smaller

3.3.4. Pages are public personas, brands, companies

3.3.5. started off as more of a private site, but has moved to more public, by default the privacy are more public.

4. Tasks

4.1. listen

4.2. Decide what social sites make sense.

4.3. Manage Privacy


4.3.2. Decide what's public

4.3.3. Strategy. if you don't want it public, don't put it on the internet Make Everything public. Create different personas or categories

4.4. Participate / Use the services.

5. Social Sites

5.1. Blog

5.1.1. Wordpress Self-hosted

5.1.2. Typepad



5.2. Facebook

5.2.1. Friend vs. Fan

5.2.2. Personal Vs. Business

5.2.3. Group vs. Page

5.2.4. Security

5.2.5. Who to Friend? Example Policy

5.2.6. Advanced Customization FBML Facebook Notes Blog RSS Reader Twitter Integration From Twitter To Twitter It Depends Flash Player others

5.3. Twitter

5.3.1. Twitter Background Design

5.3.2. Twitter Guides

5.3.3. Beware of Spammers

5.3.4. Twitter Web Uses

5.3.5. Twitter Applications TweetDeck HootSuite Cotweet Seismeic iphone tweetie tweetdeck Twitterific Wefollow Twellow

5.4. Other LifeStreaming

5.4.1. Tumblr

5.4.2. Posterous


5.5. Video

5.5.1. Youtube You Tube Channel Comments Will it Blend

5.6. Photos

5.6.1. Flickr Tagging Groups Technically not Business Acceptable Creative Commons

5.7. Podcasting / Audio


5.8. Resume / Networking



5.9. delicious

5.9.1. Social Bookmarking

5.9.2. Others:

5.10. Hyper Location

5.10.1. Yelp Reviews

5.10.2. Google Locations

5.10.3. Angie's List

5.11. NEW Upcoming Social

5.11.1. Geolocation

5.11.2. Augmented Reality Yelp Reviews

5.12. Traditional Methods



5.12.3. Google Groups

5.12.4. GetSatisfaction

5.12.5. Newsgroups

5.12.6. Forums

5.13. Other

5.13.1. myspace


5.13.3. pandora

5.13.4. plaxo

5.13.5. on and on and on

5.14. Conversational Prism