Top Time Management Tips

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Top Time Management Tips by Mind Map: Top Time Management Tips

1. Overview

1.1. Help yourself to save time by taking on board these tried-and-tested time management tips.

1.1.1. and also to make the most of your time

1.2. If it’s too overwhelming to adopt all of them, pick one to try at first.

2. Plan

2.1. Spend a moment to plan each and every day

2.2. Take a few minutes to jot down the few key things you need to achieve today.

3. Time Limit

3.1. Set a time limit.

3.2. You’re more focused and less likely to get distracted if you don’t have an open-ended time slot in your day for a particular task.

4. Write Things Down

4.1. Write everything down

4.2. You’ll save time and be less stressed if you’re not holding all those things you’re trying to remember in your head.

5. Important vs Urgent

5.1. Focus on important tasks

5.2. Don’t just focus on the urgent items.

6. Long Term Goals

6.1. Look at your longer-term goals

6.2. Ask yourself how what you’re doing each day fits in with your goals.

7. Balance

7.1. Keep the balance.

7.2. Try not to spend all your waking hours at work

7.3. Make time for:

7.3.1. home

7.3.2. family

7.3.3. friends

7.3.4. and make sure you leave time to eat properly and exercise regularly.

8. Seek Help

8.1. Don’t do it all on your own

8.2. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

9. Breaks

9.1. Take a break

9.1.1. Doing so might seem counter-intuitive

9.1.2. but if you try to cram too much into your day you end up stressed out and exhausted

9.2. Have regular breaks and you’ll be more productive.

10. Little & Often

10.1. Do little and often

10.2. Breaking tasks into chunks helps to prevent a build-up and is less overwhelming when you’re only spending a few minutes on a task.

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