How to Establish Your Online Reputation

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How to Establish Your Online Reputation by Mind Map: How to Establish Your Online Reputation

1. Overview

1.1. After you've established a system for determining what people are saying about you, your brand, and your industry (and possibly even your competitors reputations!), it's time to establish your online reputation.

1.2. Developing your brand's voice is an art and a science all rolled into one.

1.3. As you start establishing your online reputation, be sure to consider the following:

2. Relationship Quality

2.1. Remember that quality of relationships trumps quantity of relationships every time.

2.2. Hiring a college student to get 100 of their friends to "like" your page may increase your numbers, but isn't going to help you have genuine brand ambassadors.

2.3. There are no sustainable shortcuts.

3. Keep It Fresh

3.1. If the comments on your blog and social networks are old, search engines won't be as fond of you.

3.2. Share quality content on a regular basis for the best results.

4. Target

4.1. Focus where you get the best results.

4.2. There will always be a new, hot social network

4.2.1. but it won't always be a good fit for your brand

4.3. Realistically consider your time management options and your probable success with this medium

4.3.1. and don't spread your influence too thin.

5. Shareable Content

5.1. Create entertaining messages that people want to share.

5.2. Remember that they're interested in enchanting their own audiences as well.

6. Google Content vs Vibrant Content

6.1. If you've done SEO keyword research, by all means work those terms into your blog titles and posts as artfully and relevantly as possible.

6.2. Some people write "for Google," but people with the most vibrant brands online write content for people to read, enjoy, and share.

7. Visuals

7.1. "Picture" your brand as a positive online resource via using visuals to communicate.

7.2. This includes:

7.2.1. photography

7.2.2. illustrations

7.2.3. infographics

7.2.4. cartoons

7.2.5. videos

7.2.6. and much more.

8. Videos

8.1. Remember that videos are shared more on Facebook than any other type of file.

8.2. If you can create a great video or link a popular one to your brand in a clever way, then by all means share it.

9. Brand Ambassadors

9.1. Cultivate relationships with your most enthusiastic brand supporters online.

9.2. Nobody will share your updates faster or defend you more passionately and from a place of credibility like a true brand ambassador when you've cultivated a healthy relationship online.

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