Portal of Resources

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Portal of Resources by Mind Map: Portal of Resources

1. infomine.ucr.edu

1.1. Infomine is a very helpful website.

1.2. Before this class, I didn't know websites like this existed.

1.3. I wish I had known about this website throughout college so I could check to make sure the information I was getting from websites was reliable.

2. College of Charleston Database

2.1. The CofC database is very extensive

2.1.1. New node

2.2. It is very important you know how to use the search tool.

2.3. When performing a search, you should enter multiple terms and make sure that that they are very specific.

3. Voice Thread

3.1. I love voice thread!

3.2. Voice thread is a great way to create presentations.

3.3. I hope in the future more Professors start using voice thread. It is so much better than having to present in front of a class.

4. Google

4.1. Google is very straight forward and easy to use.

4.1.1. New node

4.2. I always search Google before I search anything else.

4.3. The Google alerts were very easy to set up and I liked that they were sent directly to my email, that way I didn't have to check all the time to see if there were new alerts

4.4. I have used Google documents in the past to make powerpoint presentations and I find it easier to use than Microsoft powerpoint.

5. Zotero

5.1. Zotero is an awesome website for citations.

5.2. It is very easy to use and the citations are always correct.

5.3. I had never used Zotero before this class and I wish I had known about it the past 4 years I was at CofC!