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Contacts App by Mind Map: Contacts App

1. Development

1.1. Front End

1.2. Backend

1.2.1. REST API Users ACL ID Get Post Enums Languages Salutations Countries Positions Nationalities Religions Tags People ID Get Post Messages Messages Post Get ID Get Request Optional Parameters Take Skip Fields where Organizations ID Get Post Messages

1.2.2. Providers Email Provider Send Bulk Send Send With Template SMS Provider Send Bulk Send Whatsapp Provider Send Bulk Send

1.2.3. Controllers Auth Login Logout media Get By ID Upload

2. Data

2.1. People

2.1.1. Contacting Info Home Phone Work Phone Work Phone 2 Direct Phone Home Fax Work Fax Mobile Email Email 2 Personal Email Website Work PoBox Assistant Phone Home PoBox Address Address On Map(Lattetude,Logntitude) twitter Instagram LinkedIn

2.1.2. Personal Info Name Passport Name Salutation Country Language Origin Nationality Current Nationality Date Of BIrth Sex Personal Photo City

2.1.3. Notes Type Public Private Content Date

2.1.4. Other Info LogId Career Religion Affiliation For Global Publish Bank Account Number Passport Number Passport Issuer Passport Publish Date Passport Expiration Date Passport Image License Image Id Political Affillication

2.1.5. Tags

2.2. People with Organizaion

2.2.1. Position

2.2.2. Log Id

2.3. Organizations

2.3.1. General Info Name Brief Name Country CIty Date Of Foundation License Number Administrator Id Objectives Deputy Administrator Id Logo Image

2.3.2. Notes Type Public Private Content Date

2.3.3. Contacting Info Phone 1 Phone 2 Fax Email Website PoBox Address facebook twitter Instegram LinkedIn Address On Map(Latitude,Longitude)

2.3.4. Other Info Affiliation Way Of Identifing Political Affilliation Origin Organization Log Id

2.3.5. Tags

2.4. Users

2.4.1. Access Roles

2.4.2. Account Info User Name login Name password Log Id Description

2.5. Pre-Defined Enums

2.5.1. Languages

2.5.2. Tags

2.5.3. Countries

2.5.4. Salutations

2.5.5. Posistion

2.5.6. Nationalities

2.5.7. Regligions

2.6. Tags

2.6.1. Tag Group

2.6.2. Tag Title

2.7. Logs

2.7.1. LogId

2.7.2. Entity Type User Person Organiation Perosn with Organization Message

2.7.3. UserId

2.7.4. Operation Type Create Update Delete

2.7.5. Old State

2.7.6. Date Of Operation

2.8. Messages

2.8.1. Type Email SMS WhatsApp

2.8.2. Way Bulk Specific

2.8.3. User ID

2.8.4. Entity ID

2.8.5. Date

2.8.6. Title

2.8.7. Content

2.9. People With Messages

2.9.1. Message ID

2.9.2. User ID

2.10. Organization With Messages

2.11. Events

2.11.1. Title

2.11.2. ID

2.11.3. Date of Event

2.11.4. Notes

2.11.5. Place

2.12. People With Events

2.12.1. VIP Level

2.12.2. Type Of Participation

2.12.3. Status

2.12.4. Booker

2.12.5. Airport Name

2.12.6. Arrival Date

2.12.7. Arrival Airlline

2.12.8. Arrival From

2.12.9. Arrival Flight Number

2.12.10. Departure Date

2.12.11. Departure To

2.12.12. Departure Airline

2.12.13. Plan Num

2.12.14. Hotel Name

2.12.15. Room Type

2.12.16. Is With Accompaniment

2.12.17. Date of Hotel ENtry

2.12.18. Date of Hotel Leave

2.12.19. Type Of Sponsorship

2.12.20. Amount Of Sponsorship

3. Use Cases

3.1. Organizations

3.1.1. Open Organization Profile View People in This Organization

3.2. People

3.2.1. Get All People

3.2.2. Seach for person

3.2.3. Open Person Profile Update Delete View Add Note Delete Note Switch Note Public/Private Simi-Delete Note Send Email Send SMS Send WhatsApp message Last Modifier with Date View Log

3.2.4. Operations On Selected People ( Default All ) Delete Export / Print Send Bulk SMS WhatsApp Email Send with Salutaion Email Whats App

3.3. Update Settings

3.3.1. Pre-Defined Enums Add Delete Update

3.3.2. Tags Add Delete Update

3.3.3. Accounts Managment Reset password for a user Block User Add New User Wizard Create User Add Access Permissoins View ACL for User Grant/Permit from Access Control Item

3.4. Account

3.4.1. Login

3.4.2. Get ACL

3.4.3. Logout

4. Features

4.1. Send WhatsApp Message

4.2. Export Selected/Filltered Contacts to Excel

4.3. Send SMS

4.4. Send Email

4.5. Print Selected/Filltered Contacts

4.6. personal calender

4.7. organization calender (events)

4.8. chat between users

4.9. reminder push notification

4.10. ToDo Tasks

4.11. facebook

5. delete all is not allowed

6. Assistance Phone