Notable Sources before the Conquest ca. 12,000 BC - ca. 100 BC

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Notable Sources before the Conquest ca. 12,000 BC - ca. 100 BC by Mind Map: Notable Sources before the Conquest ca. 12,000 BC - ca. 100 BC

1. The Dawn Age Prehistory - ca. 10,000 BC

1.1. "Passages of the Dead" Maester Kennet. Archaeological survey of barrow fields, graves, and tombs

1.2. "Winter's Kings, or the Legends and Lineages of the Starks of Winterfell" Maester Childer. Contains ballad of Brandon the Builder.

1.3. "Wed to the Sea, Being an Account of the History of White Harbor from its Earliest Days" Maester Yorrick. Recounts practice of blood sacrifices to old gods.

1.4. "History of the Kings-Beyond-the-Wall" Maester Herryk. Transcription of song regarding brothers Gendel and Gorn.

1.5. "Songs the Drowned Men Sing" Maester Kirth. Legend suggests Seastone chair was left by visitors from across the Sunset Sea.

1.6. "Unnatural Histiory" Septon Barth. Argues that the children of the forest could speak to ravens, and make them repeat their words. Argues that Valyrians came to Westeros due to prophecy.

1.7. "Strange Stone" Maester Theron. Claims that a mysterious race of beings left behind the foundation on Battle Isles

1.8. "Song of the Sea: How the Lands Were Severed" Archmaester Cassander. Argues that it was a slow rising of waters that broke the arm of Dorne, and not the work of greenseers.

2. Age of Heroes ca. 10,000 BC - ca. 8,000 BC

2.1. "Wonders Made by Man" Lomas Longstrider. Recalls tales of Chroyane regarding a darkness that was fought against by Mother Rhoyne and lesser gods.

2.2. "Jade Compendium" Colloquo Votar. Legend of Yi Ti where the darkness is fought by a woman with a monkey's tail.

2.3. "The Measure of the Days" Maester Nicol. Argues that the seasons could have turned at a regular pace.

2.4. "True History" Author unknown. 8,000 years after the Long Night, the Wall still defends the realms of men.

2.5. "Lies of the Ancients" Archmaester Fomas. Disregarded for claims on the founding of Valyria, lineal claims in the Reach and Westerlands. Speculates that the Others were a tribe of the First Men.

2.6. "Passages of the Dead" Kennet. Records that House Dustin claim to be descended from the First King of the First Men.

2.7. "Watchers on the Wall" Archmaester Harmune. Discusses legends from the Nightfort. One old tale tells of Brandon the Breaker obliterating the Night's King's name from existence.

2.8. "Kin of the Stag" Maester Hubert. Claims that Ser Galladon, a figure from song, may have actually been a real figure.

3. The Arrival of the Andals & Valyria's Doom ca. 6,000 BC - ca. 100 BC

3.1. "Unnatural History" Septon Barth. Describes legends surrounding the origins of dragons, and how Valyrians came to control them.

3.2. Yandel notes that "many volumes have been written" about Valyria. "The First of the Freehold" Galendro. Most comprehensive history of Valyria, even if "the Citadel lacks twenty-seven of the scrolls."

3.3. "History of the Rhoynish Wars" Beldecar. Most comprehensive history on the Rhoynish Wars.

3.4. "Unnatural History" Septon Barth. Influenced other maesters to argue that faulty spells on the Fourteen Flames caused Valyria's Doom.

3.5. "The Annals of the Black Centaur" Exhaustive detailing of Lord Orbert, the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, command.

3.6. "Hardhome: An Account of Three Years Spent Beyond-the-Wall among Savages, Raiders, and Wood-witches" Maester Wyllis. A primary account of Hardhome.

3.7. "A Consideration on History" Archmaester Perestan. Suggets that Erreg's name may be just a misunderstood Andal title. Also argues that the "Rape of the Three Sisters" was a pointless war.

3.8. "Annals of the Rivers" From ancient septry at Peasdale. Suggests that the Fishers were the third line of river kings.

3.9. "Iron Chronicle" Describes how Harwyn Hardhand let his bannermen fight against each other to keep them weak.

3.10. "The Chronicles of Longsister" Describes the "The Rape of the Three Sisters"

3.11. Debate on how long Alyssa Arryn lived.

3.11.1. "True History" posits four thousand years.

3.11.2. "Questions" Denestan. Suggests two thousand years.

3.12. "Triumphs and Defeats" Archmaester Vyron. Suggests that the final form of Storm's End could only have been built during Andal times.

3.13. "Etched in Stone" by Archmaester Harmune. Contains carvings in the Vale of Stars and Axes. Argue that over time the Andals stopped carving axes for stars, due to their devotion.

3.13.1. Maester Evlyn. Refutes this argument. States that the axes are just the sign of the Smith.

4. "History of the Ironborn" Archmaester Haereg. A thorough account of the Ironborn's history, from their beginning to the present.