Green economy/business plan

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Green economy/business plan by Mind Map: Green economy/business plan

1. details for investors

1.1. How are we different

1.1.1. TRUE Sustainability and environment friendliness in all that we do

1.1.2. 100% transparency

1.1.3. maximize returns through detailed planning

1.2. Profit Calculations

1.2.1. total funding ask

1.2.2. wait period

1.2.3. Expected %profit at end of waiting period

1.3. risks

1.4. mission

1.4.1. create a truly sustainable community of people. This community will be a model for a better society worldwide.

1.4.2. Develop and follow sustainable way of living

1.5. intellectual property protection

1.5.1. none attempted, current target only branding and time-to-market, this also is our philanthropic contribution

1.6. competition


2. Tech Details

2.1. Waste Recycling

2.1.1. Hazardous biowaste Design goals Cannot dump outside the ecocommunity land Reliably disinfect Should not cause pollution Should be done with energy and material recovery option: mech powderization/pulping + electrolytic decomposition recombine gases in fuel cell advantage: not a high temp or high pressure process design alternative Option: Pyrolysis

2.2. Agriproduce

2.2.1. Medicinal

2.2.2. Food

2.3. Design tips

2.3.1. To ensure closed system (true sustainability) evaluate whether the design would work on board an airplane or spacecraft (for aspects other than solar power)

2.4. Collaboration Technology

2.4.1. Just edit this public mindmap, we will cross the bridges when we come to them