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How to Get a LOT of Sales Reps Quickly by Mind Map: How to Get a LOT of
Sales Reps Quickly
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How to Get a LOT of Sales Reps Quickly

Marketing Tools

Email Campaigns

Product Launch Campaign

Lead Capture Pages

Voice Broadcast

Voice Broadcast Service


Sign Up Directly

Facebook Posts

Twitter Posts

Signature Files


Where to Advertise

Floating Capture Forms

Done For You

Create Your Own

Text Links



FREE to Build List

PDF Reports

Potential Sales Reps


Lists of Associations


Search Resumes, Craigslist,, JobSpider, Smart Hunt

Internet Marketers

Where to Find, Live Events, Examples, OMS, PubCon, Forums, Warrior Forum, Google Top Internet Marketing Forums,, Top Internet Marketers, 200 + Top Marketers on Twitter, Top 100 Marketers 2009, Top Internet Marketing Posts 2009, Top 100 Marketers 2008, Top Internet Marketing Posts 2008, Top Internet Marketing Gurus, Search Internet Marketers Online, Facebook Groups & Fanpages, Search Term Examples, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Search on LinkedIn, google search, Search on Twitter, Search on YouTube

People & Websites w/ Social Media Connections

Authors, Top 100 Books on Social Media, Find Via Search Engine, Example of Search Results, Stan Schroeder, Chris Brogan, Jolie O'Dell

Bloggers, Blog Catalog, Social Media Blog Members, Top Ranked Blogs, Blog Search Engines,, Google blog Search,,,, Search WordPress, Top 50 Social Media Blogs

Coaches, Find Via Search Engine, Examples of Search Results, Phil Gerbyshak, Diane Danielson, Search on YouTube, Search on Twitter, Search Facebook Groups & Fanpages, Search on LinkedIn

People with Large Groups, Search Social Media Sites, Facebook, Fanpages, Groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, Sales Managers, Examples, Auto Dealerships, Real Estate Brokers, Field Marketing Organizations

Mashable, Mashable on Facebook, Mashable on Twitter, Mashable on YouTube

Social Media Search Engines,,, Search Engine Training Guide,, Twitter Search Engines,,,, Advanced Search, Simple Search,

Social Media Consultants, Managers, Experts, Companies, Search Ideas, Search on facebook, google search, Search on Twitter, Search on LinkedIn, Search on Bebo, Search on Myspace, Search on BlackPlanet, Search on Tagged, Search on YouTube, Search on Criaglist, Social Media Gurus, 100 Social Media Experts, 15,740 Social Media Experts on Twitter

Vendors who Market to Businesses

    TIP: Do searches on Google (or any search engine) for vendors in any particular industry and you will find many great affiliate prospects. For example got to and you’ll see all kinds of companies that sells services to the Real Estate niche. Plus will show you vendors of ALL industries!!

Website Developers, Search on Craiglist, Search on facebook, Search on LinkedIn, Search on

Marketing Companies, SEO, Search on Craiglist, Search on facebook, Search on LinkedIn, Search on Search Engines

Printers, Search on Search Engines, search

Tech Companies, Fix Computers & Set up Networks

Traditional Business Consultants, Search on Search Engines, Search on Facebook, Search on LinkedIn, Search, Search on Craigslist

Home Based BusinessConsultants, Search on Search Engines, Search on Facebook, Search on LinkedIn

Insurance Agents

Opportunity Seekers

MLM Leaders, Search on Social Media Sites, MLM Magazines, MLM Associations, MLMIA,

Newbies, Business Opportunity Magazines, MLM Insider, Wolf Enterprises, Prospect on Social Media

Those Already in Home Businesses, Places to Reverse Market, Craislist, ANY Social Media Website

Current Sales People

Market to businesses, Currently sell advertising

Sell social media services

People Looking for Work


Job Fairs, National Career Fairs, Job Fair Directory, Targeted Job Fairs

Employment Guide

College Students

Marketing Majors, American Marketing Association

Marketing Professors/Teachers

Websites Listing Jobs for College Students,,,,,,,,

Active w/ Social Media, Search Groups on Social Media Sites

Youth Marketing, Youth Marketing Mashup

Alloy Marketing

Stay At Home Moms

Mothers of Preschoolers


Home School Students

Search on Google, Teachers/Instructors

Christian Business Networking

Related Websites,,,, International Christian Chamber of Commerce,, National Christian Business Network, Christian Marketplace Network, Christian Business Networking, Christian International Business Network, Triangle Christian Business, Christian Net, Christian Business Directory, Christian Yellowpages

Christian Organizations

Global Advance

Christian CEO's & Owners

International Christian Business Asscoiation

Christian Business Accosiation

Businessmen Fellowship

Christian Businessmen & Women Association

Local Organizations