What do you want out of this week?

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What do you want out of this week? by Mind Map: What do you want out of this week?

1. Push out messages

2. Get a grasp of social media

3. Market products

4. Connect with constituents

5. Formalize training

6. pushing out info, making resources available

7. find a better job

8. Find the right venues for wildlife orgs to connect to consumers, raise public awareness, raise funds

9. Stay up to date, pass on info to students

10. Update for professional development, marketing opportunities

11. Personal development, get up to speed with new media

12. "Don't want to be left behind"

13. Want to start a blog, make some money, use it for marketing

14. Grassroots involvement, be more engaging

15. Become better versed in social media to understand it in Asian markets

16. Better avenues to interact with student populace

17. Expand our social media involvement

18. "traditional advertising is dead" - monitor customer-to-customer communications - learn everything our kids know

19. Learn new skills, see what's out there - when it helps, when it doesn't

20. Learn and pass on my knowledge