twilight saga

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twilight saga by Mind Map: twilight saga

1. eclipse

1.1. Bella must choose between Edward and Jacob.

1.2. The city of Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious murders is increasing   while a vampire seeking revenge.

1.3. Bella must choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob aware that its decision can cause a battle

1.4. Surrounded by dangers and graduation approaching, now he faces the biggest decision of his life

2. new Moon

2.1. Bella and Edward have managed to move on with his peculiar relationship

2.2. but an isolated incident, which under normal circumstances would not have brought serious consequences

2.3. a series of events that threatens the lives of beautiful fires.

2.4. The rift between the two will resume Bella friendship with the enigmatic Jacob Black, who, like Edward, hides an ancient secret


4. twilight

4.1. Love story between a vampire and a human.

4.2. Bella Swan has always been a girl something different

4.3. When her mother remarries, he sends Bella to live with her father in Forks Washington City

4.4. where she does not expect anything

4.5. But then she meets the mysterious and alluring Edward Cullen, a young man who soon proves to not be like everyone else that's vampire

5. saga Dawn Part 1

5.1. In Dawn Edward and Bella get married in a ceremony organized by Alice.

5.2. Edward keeps his promise to have sex with Bella for their honeymoon.

5.3.   Bella gets pregnant and the rapid growth of the half-vampire half human fetus

5.4. which they affect their health and lead to the brink of death.

5.5. Edward tries to convince her to abort the baby to save his own life, but Bella feels a bond with her unborn child and insists on having it

6. saga dawn parte 2

6.1. After becoming a vampire, Bella must adapt to their new nature.

6.2. When born Renesmee, the Cullens have to guard against the threat of the Volturi. and Jacod love with renesme

6.3. in the end they are united and happy