Laughter Out of Place Chapter 6 & 7

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Laughter Out of Place Chapter 6 & 7 by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place              Chapter 6 & 7

1. Chapter 7 What's so funny about rape?

1.1. Black Humor

1.1.1. Laughter through tears is only coping mechanism

1.1.2. This is a response to a legal and moral system that is highly corrupted

1.2. Legal Universe

1.2.1. Impoverished women suffer

1.2.2. Rapes are not often reported due to lack of trust in police

1.2.3. Faulty legal system

1.3. Rape

1.3.1. Rape is known as a serious offense and can cause gangs to go to war in shantytowns

1.3.2. Women in shantytown are sometimes left with no protection against rape

1.3.3. Society assumes lower class women do not have importance on losing their virginity compared to the upper class

2. Chapter 6 Partial Truths or Carnivalization of Desire

2.1. From Boys to Men

2.1.1. Considered unhealthy for men to go long with out intercourse

2.1.2. Boys are encouraged to be come active seducers

2.1.3. Gloria is in agreement that men are like animals and the sexual need should be fullfilled

2.2. Carnivalization

2.2.1. Brazil promotes itself as a "tropical paradise" of erotica

2.2.2. Brazilian women fear of being undesirable

2.2.3. Public Flirtation is common and used to compliment the womens body

2.3. Sexuality

2.3.1. A "sex positive" attitude is a good trait

2.3.2. Sex is a typical discussion amongst local culture and amongst all age groups

2.3.3. Male homosexuality is modeled by the lower class partner being the female in the relationship and the upper class acting as the dominant male