To A Degree And Beyond

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To A Degree And Beyond by Mind Map: To A Degree And Beyond

1. "To A Degree and Beyond"

1.1. Intro/ Thesis Statement:

1.1.1. 1. There are a myriad of strategies and mental tricks to take you beyond that first course, and to propel you on the pathway to reaching your degree goals.

2. "Why Do People Quit Before the Finish Line?"

2.1. ProQuest Article: “Factors Influencing Adult Learners' Decision to Drop Out or Persist in Online Learning” (article/book)

2.1.1. Factors like age, gender, educational level.

2.1.2. Level of outside support

2.1.3. Types of people

2.2. BufferSocial: How Our Brains Stop Us Achieving Our Goals and How To Fight Back” (Blog post)

2.2.1. Scheduling

2.2.2. Have a backup plan

2.2.3. Sometimes you just need to start something

2.2.4. How too much visualization may be harmful

3. Summary / Bibliography

3.1. Restate thesis/ Conclusion

3.1.1. Prepare Product Evaluation

3.1.2. Conduct Product Evaluation

3.1.3. Initiate Maintenance Process

4. "Keep Moving Forward"

4.1. “The Role of Achievement Goals in Completing a Course Assignment: Examining the Effects of Performance-approach and Multiple Goals”

4.1.1. performance goals and effect of multiple foals on online learners

4.2. Motivation of the Online Student

4.2.1. pros and cons of online learning

4.2.2. 20 year study

5. “Strategies and Mind Tricks To Foster Completion Of A Degree”

5.1. The 4 Disciplines Of Execution

5.1.1. Scoreboard visualization

5.1.2. breaking down goals into 4 steps

5.1.3. "how" to execute

5.2. “6 Steps to Lasting Change”

5.2.1. Changing the way you think and perceive your goals

5.3. “How to Stay Motivated and Accomplish Anything”

5.4. 15 Second Rule

5.4.1. Time, Habit, Adaptability, Courage

5.4.2. Take 15 seconds each day to work on your goals