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Eos/Aurora by Mind Map: Eos/Aurora

1. Her son, Memnon, died in battle

1.1. Her tears cause the morning dew

1.2. Zeus made the cinders of his ashes into birds which split into two groups and fought until all died.

1.3. Placed beside a river by the four winds- statue beside the river thought to be him and said to have the sound of a harp string breaking at dawn

2. She rides across the sky to announce Helios' journry

2.1. Dawn

3. Rides with Helios

3.1. She becomes day

4. She arrives in the west and announces her arrival

4.1. She becomes dusk

5. Mother of the four winds

6. Had an affair with Ares

6.1. Aphrodite was jealous so made it so she'd crave young lovers

7. Fell in love with Tithonus

7.1. Turned him immortal, but not ageless

7.1.1. Made him a grasshopper