Year 8 histry

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Year 8 histry by Mind Map: Year 8 histry

1. tudors

1.1. Monarchy menas a country with a king or a queen

1.2. Elizabeth faced many problems during her regin.

1.3. henry VIII was famous for have 6 wives

2. Industrial Revolutin

2.1. The changes that took place between 1700-1900 are know as the Industrial Revolutin.

2.2. they were many problems of living in a industraial city like 20 people in one room in 1 house

2.3. They was no way to collect rubbish on the sreets.

3. Stuarts

3.1. The great plague hit london which was spread by the fleas on the rats.

3.2. The great fire of london hapen in 1666

3.3. The frist stuart monarch was jame I