Introduction to Educational Technology

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Introduction to Educational Technology by Mind Map: Introduction to Educational Technology

1. Why Should We Integrate Technology into the classroom?

1.1. Access to unlimited amount of resources.


1.2. Children's Rights

1.2.1. Should be allowed to learn what they want to learn.

1.2.2. Should be taught technology they will need in future work environments.

1.2.3. Children of this generation are digital natives.

1.3. Appeals to different learning styles.

1.3.1. Computer games

1.3.2. Touch screens

1.3.3. Kindles for reading

1.4. Precautions to take

1.4.1. Properly train teachers

1.4.2. Teachers stay up to date on new technology

1.4.3. Active support for teachers


2. How do I keep my students safe and and model ethical use of technology when using technology in the classroom?

2.1. Dangers

2.1.1. Cyber-bullying

2.1.2. Predators

2.1.3. Pornography

2.1.4. Plagiarism

2.1.5. Distractions/Time wasters

2.2. Precautions to take

2.2.1. Weekly Mini-lessons on Safety and Digital Citizenship.

2.2.2. Filters

2.2.3. Plagiarism checking tools

2.2.4. Time management tools

3. How is the Cloud Changing the way teachers use technology in the classroom?

3.1. Cloud Computing

3.1.1. Unlimited online storing of information

3.2. Voicethread

3.2.1. Online presentation, videos and commentary

3.3. Google Apps

3.3.1. Google Classroom

3.3.2. Google Docs

3.3.3. Gmail

3.3.4. Google Drive

3.4. Evernote

3.4.1. Cloud storage application

3.4.2. Notebooks

3.4.3. Save webclips

3.4.4. Take notes and share ideas

3.5. TeacherTube

3.5.1. Youtube for Teachers!

4. How is mobile learning impacting student experience in the classroom?

4.1. Benefits of Cell phones in the Classroom

4.1.1. Accessible to many students

4.1.2. 80% of students have a cell phone

4.1.3. Record lectures

4.1.4. Research on phones

4.1.5. Much cheaper than a laptop

4.1.6. Forums and discussion boards

4.2. Drawbacks of using cell phones in the classroom

4.2.1. Can be distracting to some students

4.2.2. Some teachers continue old pedagogical practices

4.2.3. Cyber-bulling and pornography

4.3. How to Overcome Drawbacks

4.3.1. Students only allowed to use when instructed

4.3.2. Create atmosphere of positvive peer pressure