TALEND etl Production

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TALEND etl Production by Mind Map: TALEND etl Production

1. Version Control

1.1. Mercurial

1.1.1. Put Talend folder into Repository

1.1.2. Connect etl,qa team to the repository

1.1.3. write instruction for team

2. Unit tests

2.1. XML Unit format

2.1.1. Create first job with JUNIT result

2.1.2. Test Junit in Jencins machine

2.2. Unit jobs

2.2.1. Create model for writing tests in talend

2.2.2. Create unit cases document

2.2.3. Create tests in talend

2.2.4. run test as a package locally

2.2.5. run in Jencins

3. Deploy

3.1. write Command line scripts

3.1.1. Unit test

3.1.2. ETL Job

3.2. Configure Jencins

3.2.1. get Deploy team contacts

3.2.2. write instruction for deploying

3.2.3. test deployment create test coordinate test run first test