Kalista Course Wireframe Original

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Kalista Course Wireframe Original by Mind Map: Kalista Course Wireframe Original

1. The Fundamentals

1.1. This Chapter will include content for people who, for the most part, are unfamiliar with Kalista and how she is played. It will be assumed they have gone through the ADC Role section at the very least.

1.2. Target Player: Unranked to Low Silver (bottom 50%)

2. Advanced Play

2.1. This will be the real "meat" of the specialized guides that target certain aspects of play that are unique to Kalista. This will contain a combination of what unique video ideas we come up with, what we see in expert gameplay, and what we see in low elo gameplay.

2.2. Target Player: Bronze to Platinum

2.2.1. Ideally we will be able to designate in the video which player this pertains to more accurately, but not a requirement.

2.3. Addition:

2.3.1. This may also be where we put the "recommended strategy"

2.3.2. That could also be it's own section entirely that is a step by step of how to play out a game to maximize chance of carrying

3. Hype

3.1. At the beginning of the course, it's our (Skill Capped's) job to really get people excited about diving in to this champion, and unlocking Kalista's potential. We'll be sure to make at least one if not multiple videos that let people know what's in store in the course and show them the potential of the champion

3.1.1. This will be made after the rest of the course is filled out.

4. Chapter - Common Problems

4.1. This Chapter will be where we focus on the issues we see people have at different skill levels by actually watching gameplay from Bronze - Platinum players. The idea of this chapter is to pinpoint as many issues players at every skill level have, point them out, and then teach people exactly how to get rid of these problem areas.

4.1.1. Lesson - Bronze

4.1.2. Lesson - Silver

4.1.3. Lesson - Gold

4.1.4. Lesson - Platinum

5. Chapter - Challenger in Bronze

5.1. This will be a really fun section where we include full games as well as short videos that target certain things top players figure out they can do and get away with at lower elos.

5.2. We've found some of the best "shortcuts" for elo increases have come from conducting this type of research. Challengers are always blown away at what they can get away with at lower elo and this really helps low elo players understand how to get an edge.

5.2.1. This also helps us understand why at a higher elo players do not play this way, we can identify conditions for players to look for If your opponent isn't doing one of these things here, you can get away with doing this to punish them. If they are doing these things, you play like this to play correctly

6. Chapter - Research Section

6.1. This chapter will be where we put recordings of full games and any other videos produced from our research and development process if people want to invest the time to hear experts really dig into entire games. This will include both full expert gameplay analysis as well as low elo player review materials outside of our produced course material

6.1.1. This is subject to change or removal, but for now it's a great place to put a lot of our discovery content so people can see how much effort everyone put in to the creation of the course and see that what we are telling them to do has validation behind it.

6.2. On the other hand, this could also be a very well produced section where we take excerpts of the process we went through to create the guide, sort of like the "behind the scenes" section of the course.

7. Chapter - Matchups

7.1. We have determined through a great deal of research that the matchup phase of the game is by in large the most important element of helping people launch themselves to a higher rating. It makes them feel far more fufilled as players, and maximizes their ability to carry a game, regardless of the circumstances. This section will give incredibly insightful, useful videos for individual matchups.

7.1.1. ADC

7.1.2. Supports

7.2. This section should also include a lesson filled with how to play with common supports

8. Important Features of the Kalista Course

8.1. We will be including customized practice regimens for anything that may be applied through practice

8.1.1. This may be in individual videos, or it may be put in separately as it's own video

8.2. We will be including scenario based quizzes via video to make sure the content got across

8.3. In both the Fundamentals and Advanced Play Chapters we will be addressing concepts that may be more "general" concepts for everyone, but only if there is any unique information to Kalista that would be helpful.

8.3.1. For example, We have a large last hitting section on our site that deals with things like last hitting under tower, concepts of last hitting, and so forth. However, how Kalista last hits under tower may be very different in comparison to how Tristana last hits under tower, so we would address that particular topic in this course, even if there is some crossover in information.

9. The Process we'll be going through this time compared to last time

9.1. Last time it was a pretty simple process that produced the lucian course

9.1.1. We had a series of meetings where top players talked about everything they could think of regarding how to play lucian Started with trying to come up with as many topics as possible Then we went through each topic one by one and addressed every aspect of that topic that we could think of.

9.2. This time, we will be adding a lot to the process that makes it much more complete

9.2.1. We will still be doing at least one or two of the open ended meetings like last time

9.2.2. Then we'll be reviewing expert gameplay as a group This will help us pinpoint anything we may have missed in the meetings Cool tips and tricks nuances of play Topics we missed

9.2.3. Next we'll be reviewing gamplay for Kalista across ever level of play Bronze Silver Gold Platinum This will let us, for the first time, really dig in to the issues people have and target content based on what people struggle with at different skill levels.

9.2.4. During the high level and low level reviews, we will be tracking video ideas and timestamps for examples, so we can use the actual examples from games we were able to come up with the idea from We will also have ways to capture everything, such as having someone quickly record a short clip that has them adding commentary to the exact clip that contained the information we wanted.

9.2.5. Something else we'll be doing is having a "Challenger in Bronze" section that essentially lets our users see what it looks like when people at your skill level play against people at their skill level Common misconception that there's not a big difference between your games and their games You guys will do things you normally don't do in high level play becuase your opponents don't let you get away with it, and this will create unique content "Shortcuts" for certain elos

9.2.6. For the matchup section, we will have a team of guys, half being top kalista players, and the other half being other good players, create custom games to recreate matchups This will allow us to get a lot of content very quickly. We'll be able to create lane matchup guides for every enemy adc and enemy support we want, and we'll switch out which support our kalista player has so we can also make synergy guides. This is a process we have not optimized yet, but it will certainly do well for our purposes

9.3. What we still haven't finished for this course

9.3.1. In the future, we will have real players at different skill levels working with us. For every big concept we come up with that we believe is going to help players based off research, we will then coach those players on those exact concepts. If it does not help them, we have not found the correct things to target or have not taught it effectively If they are actually doing the things we coach them on and it's not producing more wins, we need to dig to figure out what else they need to really win more games quickly If they aren't doing the things after coaching them, we need to come up with better ways to make it sink in Either way, we'll be able to keep at it until we have a course that we not only believe is great, it's proven to be great This is a complicated process, and is why we haven't launched this massive course initiative completely yet