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Helena by Mind Map: Helena

1. Strengths: Helena's strengths are art and dance, so it would be beneficial for her to be allowed to incorporate theses items whenever possible in her class work.

1.1. Artistic

1.1.1. kind

1.2. wants to learn

1.2.1. dances

2. Challenges: Her challenges will affect every aspect of her education, from reading, writing to math. Being in 8th grade she is at the point that her general education classmates are reading to learn and Helena may still be learning to read. In math, she will be expected to be able to follow processes and formulas to complete her work.

2.1. remembering processes

2.1.1. delays in vocabulary development, reading fluency, reading comprehension

2.2. structuring thoughts when writing

2.2.1. unorganized math concepts, formulas, word problems

3. LD Characteristics: Helena exhibits a difficulty with reading, by the 4th grade, she was reading at a 1st grade level. This is a large contributor to her math work, where reading word problems are going to be quite difficult until strategies are put in place.

3.1. Helena’s difficulty with math skills inhibits her ability to progress in the general education math curriculum.

3.2. Helena’s difficulty remembering complex ideas inhibits her ability to progress in the general education curriculum.

4. IEP Goals: Her IEP goals are going to help Helena with her structure, organization, when reading. Her math goal is going to help Helen attack math word problems and using processes, such as PEMDAS

4.1. Given grade level math problems, such as story problems or problems needing recall of several functions (ie PEMDAS), Helena will score 80%.

4.2. Helena is able to remember complex ideas if given structured note-taking forms. Read literary selections from a variety of geo-cultural groups and time periods.