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Shipping by Mind Map: Shipping

1. Fexibility and efficiency of use

1.1. There is no shortcuts to shorten the steps to ship a product.

2. Aesthetic and minimalist design

2.1. Too many advertisements at the sides

2.2. The whole webpage is not systematic

2.3. Too much use of red colour because it makes it too striking and confusing

2.4. The comment box is redundant.

3. Visibility of system status

3.1. The website loads pretty slow and it doesn't show a bar whether how fast it is loading

3.2. On top of the webpage, it will show you where you are for example, I am at shipping, it will show that you are at the shipping step.

3.3. The search part overlaps the shipping part.

4. Consistency and standards

4.1. error message such as “city is required”, the city is referring to Suburb/Town in the form below error messages. The different use of words makes it confusing to users.

4.2. Choosing the nearer state for cheaper shipping overlaps the searching part. The webpage is not systematic

5. Recognition rather than recall

5.1. rather then having to look at product first, I have to choose the ordering method.

5.2. shopping cart is visible at the shipping page so that users do not have to remember what they have added in the cart.

5.2.1. Included

5.2.2. Included

5.2.3. Excluded

6. Match between system and the real world

6.1. The short form they use follows the real world convention.

6.1.1. Project specifications

6.1.2. End User requirements

6.1.3. Action points sign-off

7. User control and freedom

7.1. if a mistake is made, there is a 'previous' button for us to undo the step

7.2. User can add a new address if they do not want the delivery to be delivered to the address previously put in.

7.3. There is no way to undo text that is edited by accident

8. Help users recognize, diagnose and recover from errors

8.1. if you enter an invalid address, it will tell you that it is an invalid address and will ask you to re type the address.

9. Help and documentation

9.1. The FAQ page is detailed

10. Error prevention

10.1. At the page where you enter your address, they show that those with * must be fill in to prevent error from occuring

10.2. At the page where you enter your address, it will tell you that we cannot ship to PO Boxes/Parcel Lockers

10.2.1. we cannot ship to PO Boxes/Parcel Lockers