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ICT 1 by Mind Map: ICT 1
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Word Processing

About word processing

About documents

Word processing applications

Wordprocessing functions

Creating a document

Selecting document type

Designing a document

Using templates

Creating a document

Entering text and basic editing

Formatting a document

Formatting text

Formatting a page

Creating templates

Auto formatting

Editing a document

Editing text

Moving and copying text

Editing and productivity tools

Working with graphics

About graphics

Sourcing and preparing an image

Inserting and formatting an image

Working with tables

Creating tables

Formatting tables

Page layout using tables

Publishing a document

Proof reading tools

Saving a document

Printing a document


About spreadsheets

About data and data management

Spreadsheets and databases

Using spreadsheets

Creating a workbook

Creating a new workbook

Working with worksheets

Entering data and basic editing

Managing workbooks

Multiple worksheets

Formatting a worksheet

Designing a worksheet

Formatting the layout

Formatting data

Formatting tools

Editing a worksheet

Editing data

Editing tools

Moving and copying data

Saving and printing a worksheet

Working with formulae

Using formulas

Using functions

Building and editing a formula

Relative and absolute cell references

Working with charts

Chart types

Using the chart wizard

Formatting charts


About databases

About data and data management

Databases and spreadsheets

The structure of a database

Using databases

Creating a database

The database window

Using the database wizard

Tables, forms and reports

Adding and editing records

Creating a table

Adding and editing a record

Design and datasheet views

Navigating a datasheet

Working with data

Table layout attributes

Field properties

Sorting records

Filtering data

Creating a query

Selecting query fields

Using the query wizard

Specifying criteria in a query

Creating forms and reports

Using forms

Creating a form

Entering and editing records with a form

Creating a report

Formatting reports


About presentations

Using presentations

Presentation communications

Designing effective slides

Creating a presentation

Creating a new presentation

Choosing a slide layout

Entering and editing text

Adding graphics

Previewing the presentation

Formatting and editing a presentation

Formatting tools

Using templates

Text formatting

Object formatting

Changing the order of slides

Working with graphics

Preparing and adding pictures

Using ClipArt and WordArt

Using graphs and charts

Grouping objects

Publishing a presentation

Publishing tools

Slide animations and transitions

Printing notes and handouts

Saving a presentation