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Hataken life works

mp3 sharing link

My spaces

mobile me


Travel Through Time and Texture


Tokyo radiation No.16 (live at Basement Bar)

Floating bus stop (live at Basement Bar)

Spring part 2 (live at Basement Bar)


Masaaki Kikuchi / contra bass , effects

Takumi Matsumura / flute , bass flute , effects

Nobuo Fujii / drums

Hataken / TB303,TR606,EMS synthi A etc.

Taiichi Kamimura / tenor sax , effects

collaborate / ex band , unit

Richard Sharpe

started music together from 2003. met at Mutant tune party . we were booked each other . soon start Ken Machines till now (2010:))  

KEN MACHINES and machine elves from the hyper space

Daisuke Fujiwara

Quartzhead Conversation 02

Greg Hunter

live in Japan '98 at Dakini night , Obon, '99 Dakini night , '08 S.O.S.

Jonha Sharp

live in Tokyo 2005

Pan Ambient Launch party in Sun Francisco

Adam Sky a.k.a. Adamsky

play analog synthesizer and program for his album.

Jiyuujidai / 自由時代

Ethno tribal trance live band ! play at many parties , mainly psychedelic trance and ambient site . live acoustic instruments of Arab , Saz with electronic live percussions and programed sequences .

Madoka / ud , saz , guitar

Hataken / percussion , electronics


Sia / nei

Madoka / saz

Hataken / duf


beli dancer Mishaal and her live band . peformed a lot in festival , many kinds of parties . some times they use electronic sound and rhythms too .

Mishaal / beli dance

Goro / dejuredoo percussions

Madoka / ud , saz

Hataken / percussion , electronics

Kenji Sakasegawa

Indian tabla

jazz musicians

Taiichi Kamimura

Masaaki Kikuchi

Nobuyoshi Ino

Take Toriyama

and more

Quartzhead conversation 02


Daisuke Fujiwara, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone

Hataken, analog synthesizers, percussions


Quartzhead Conversation 02 "persons" feat.Hataken, obby 06:03, jack 04:30, jugs 07:32, sazae 14:57, yu-long 18:21, betty 08:02, moya 18:26

tunes, Tune01, Tune02, Tune05, Tune06, Tune09, Tune10, Tune11, Tune13, Tune14

Jazz Today magazin interview

live sound archives

live archives

Nardis monthly live since 2004 ~ now

Jazz today 2005

New Jazz today 2007

live with Modl 500 @ Kyoto Mtro 2007

South by South West @ Austin U.S.A. 2007

US tour 2007 L.A. - Seattle



Bamboo neon

Beyond of the neon

Walking on the neon



DJ Olive

Richard Sharpe (Ken Machines)

Hataken (Ken Machines)

Facebook group

Ken Machines





Shadow of Ken

a bit of Ken, post millenial gladness by Hataken, Time before the world by Cari & Hataken, a session of K.Mach in April 2005, a session of Ken Machines in April 2005 1, a session of Ken Machines in April 2005 2, a session of Ken Machines in April 2005 3, a session of K.Mach in April 2005, flower heads affecting my mind by Hataken

CIRCLE Love(2009), walking on the neon(remix) 09:12, Synthetic (remix) 07:32, Brothers Sisters 06:03, Stop in the name of love 06:03, Circle love 06:04, Star 05:30

single / live

Voodoo doll


Richard Sharp



EMS synthi A

Korg Monopoly

Korg SQ-10 x 2

Korg Wave drum

Sequential circuit Pro-one

Roland TB-303

Roland TR-606

Futureretro Revolution

Futureretro Mobius

Futureretro Orb

Metalbox 8008 bass kick

Technosaulus Microcon x2

Eventide H3000DS/E

Technosaulus Effexon

Technosaulus Cyclodon

Moogerfooger Low cut filter

Korg KMS-30


Hataken solo

solo works

releases, Metatron's cube / KIN sound recordings , compilation album, Depth(Act.1) (1998), Wish compilation, Life-ing, cosmic joke 45:56, pentagonism 21:30, dakini night live compilation, Pad masana(support on synthesizer), quartz-head con-ver-sa-tion 02, Quartzhead Conversation 02 "persons" feat.Hataken, obby 06:03, jack 04:30, jugs 07:32, sazae 14:57, yu-long 18:21, betty 08:02, moya 18:26, Pan Ambient Bento 東京(TKG music,CA), (2008)

albums, Life-ing, cosmic joke 45:56, pentagonism 21:30, secret rhythms, 5 cells, 6 dogs, 7 brats, Future primitive, future primitive, raguid Safari, folk magic, REAL analogue impromptu works(2005), impromptu 01, impromptu 02, impromptu 03, impromptu 04, impromptu 05, impromptu 06, impromptu 07, impromptu 08, THE SUN (2006), solar flare 10:41, magnetic storm 07:29, popping shower 10:35, aurora 08:58, elementary particle 10:45, the tales of the Maya 07:51, Summer at the highland 2007, Shirakavacation 20:08, O-Bone 15:18, evening of the Summer Mountain 23:24, Shira_kavha 02:16, V-nus line dr. 14:40, Analogue of Analog (2009), Asian Spring 25:30, after raining 30:17, ARAbreak(2009), arabreak 11:30, far oriental 08:35, dark cherry 05:31, pre-spect 06:06, malu 13:17, akashic blog 09:06, Nu-htkn#1 02:30, assemble 07:55, P^Quest 12:21, Summer tour U.S.A. - Canada 2008, Adventure1145 25:40, Elevator hall 11:23, Argentina (2008), Far_out 13:52, Heaven 10:35, Soul , beautiful collor 8:00

tracks (singles), Windy sky , rainy blue (2010.6), 春のメリーゴーランド (2010), file1911, mysterious island (2009), (2008), Argentina (2008), Full on the SUN (2006) web, Full on the Sun 11:33, ULT-EXP (2006), ULT-EXP, Depth(Act.1) (1998), ascension (1999), ascension (short version) 05:39, ascension (long version) 52:17, old tracks list

products, WHITE MUSIC, WHITE MUSIC for white essence Joy dental clinic 2:01:22, Okawari daisuki (おかわりだいすき), 春のメリーゴーランド (2010), かっぱ de ピラティス (2009), music for Aura Soma

solo live performances

full analog synthesizer live performances, Last EMS June 2010 analog.mp3, lights of Spring, 006-2 audio, Tune01 w pro-one by htkn, Tune02 w pro-one by Htkn, Tune05 w pro-one by htkn, Tune09 w pro-one by htkn, Tune10 w pro-one by htkn, Tunes11 w pro-one by htkn.mp3, Tune13 w pro-one by htkn, Tune14 w pro-one by htkn, and more and more...

Ableton Live with analog / Hybrid system, Hataken's Live set on the end of 2009, file1911, after raining, asian spring, and more and more...

Ableton Live / lap top, Summer tour U.S.A. - Canada 2008, Adventure1145 25:40, Argentina (2008)



Takao Yamada


who is Hataken on Tarot

sound healing

Healing Village


Golden ratio music

kabala numbers

Aura Soma

interview by "MATRIXSYNTH"



Summer at Highland (music clip)

analogue synth session scene

analogue synthe & ULT SOUND


Live at Pan Ambient "BENTO TOKYO"

Quartz Head Conversation 02 @Nardis 2007 Aug.#1

Quartz Head Conversation 02 Live @ Nardis 2007 Aug.#2

good Improvisation with the FR & JP friends #1

good Improvisation with the FR & JP friends #2