Ways to Develop Risk-Taking Behavior

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Ways to Develop Risk-Taking Behavior by Mind Map: Ways to Develop Risk-Taking Behavior

1. Innovation

1.1. Encourage personal exploration

1.2. Collaboration and cooperation strengthens trust within school communities

2. Creativity

2.1. Remove barriers and utilize potential for a more creative learning environment

2.2. Encourage both collaboration and original thought

3. Teacher Role

3.1. Sensitivity toward trying new things or alternate ways of doing old things should start with the teacher

3.2. Sparking student interest will lead to increased curiosity and inquiry

3.3. Minimize the pain of errors by separating learning from grading

3.4. Provide opportunities for risk taking by allowing students to do the work for themselves - even if they sometimes take a wrong turn

3.5. Reward effort and ideas, not only correct answers

4. Adaptability

4.1. Develop the ability to change your thinking, attitudes, or behaviors to fit a variety of situations

4.2. Keep a positive attitude and recognize the gains that change brings

4.3. Understand that there can be more than one solution to a problem

5. Self-Direction

5.1. Set academic goals and plan strategically to achieve them

5.2. Take the initiative to ask for help when needed

5.3. Evaluate your work and learn from your endeavors

6. Curiosity

6.1. Seek out new experiences

6.2. Don't be anxious in an unfamiliar situation

6.3. Explore novel elements in the environment by moving toward, manipulation, or asking questions